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Offer an organic cosmetic box to a loved one

What is organic cosmetics?

Just like conventional cosmetics, organic cosmetics have the role of ensuring the hygiene of the body and the general well-being of the skin. To respond to the name of organic cosmetics, the care must meet precise specifications. Organic cosmetic products are generally composed of 95% natural ingredients, with at least 10% of ingredients from organic farming. In addition, they must be free of materials derived from petrochemicals and be formulated without resorting to animal testing. To recognize an organic cosmetic box, simply refer to the organic label which should be affixed to it. As part of a more responsible approach, organic cosmetics are eco-friendly, using, among other things, plastic-free, recycled or recyclable packaging in order to reduce waste in the bathroom. For daily use, you can opt for an organic beauty box. This type of product contains a range of treatments intended for body hygiene, to fight against skin aging, etc. Contrary to popular belief, natural cosmetics are not necessarily organic. Indeed, it can be formulated with ingredients of natural origin, but not organic.

Why offer a box of organic cosmetics?

Cosmetic products are attractive gift ideas, knowing that everyone likes to take care of themselves. The main advantage of organic beauty sets is their commitment to human health and the environment. Thanks to their minimalist composition, they respect the skin layer and are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The ingredients are also selected to be perfectly assimilated in order to give the expected result. Offering or affording yourself a box of organic cosmetics is therefore an opportunity to take care of the skin gently. As a bonus, an organic beauty box is an original gift idea that can be personalized.

Which organic cosmetic box to choose for a loved one?

In search of a organic cosmetic box to give to a loved one? Opt for the My Zero Waste Essentials box from My French Cosmetics. This beauty box composed of 3 to 5 products is ideal to accompany your daily skincare routine. It contains, among other things, a solid soap and a solid shampoo. You will also find a deodorant, a balm for the face and the body as well as a toothpaste, all solid. Indeed, the use of a solid consistency is part of an eco-responsible approach, in the sense that it makes it possible to reduce water consumption. In addition, the brand is committed to reducing the use of plastic and opting for recycled packaging. Handcrafted in French workshops, the organic beauty box My Zero Waste Essentials does not contain any controversial ingredients. Its products use vegetable butters and oils as active ingredients, essential oils, aloe pulp or honey to take care of your skin and hair. The benefits of these ingredients are well established.


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