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our hairstyle ideas for sport

During the effort, there is nothing worse than feeling your hair wet with sweat in the neck or slapped on the forehead. No choice, whether they are long or short, it is better to attach them during an intensive session so that they don’t interfere with your efforts. And even if it means styling them, you might as well bet on a stylish hairstyle but very easy to achieve. We show you!

Tie short hair for sport: nothing beats the great classics!

Have you recently fallen for a short square, very fashionable at the moment, but less practical when you do a lot of sport? Do not panic, there are necessarily solutions to allow you to tackle them during a session.

If you do not have the patience or even the dexterity to achieve complicated hairstyles, you can of course always resort to the great classics such as ponytails or low buns. Avoid high chignons which are not very suitable for short hair, you risk having locks sticking out in all directions.

What are the best hairstyles to keep short hair in place?

On short hair, bet on hairstyles that will hold your hair in place almost from the root of the hair. Indeed, cornrows or Indian braids, tight chignons and others will be your best allies for a haircut that holds even during an aerobics session. No need to interrupt your session to restyle your hair. Also, don’t be afraid to use accessories like barrettes, scarves or headbands for more support.

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