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overalls are the unexpected trend that will electrify fall-winter 2022-2023

This March 3 echoed the long-awaited and very select parade Isabel funny. In the program ? One front row crowned with five stars, composed essentially of all the biggest headliners of the new generation of fashionistasex. A troupe led by the Scandinavian and sparkling Emili Sindlev, Caroline Daur, Alexa Chung, the French Gabrielle Causenil, Caroline de Maigret or the now essential Léna Situations. Each invested the first row of the parade to discover what the fashion of tomorrow will be made of, according to the founder and artistic director of her eponymous brand.

What are the fashion trends to remember from the Isabel Marant fall-winter 2022-2023 show?

Determined to bring the sun back to the French capital, Isabel funny did not fail to set the tone from the first passages. The soundtrack, orchestrated by the alternative rock band from New York Blonde Redheadthen punctuated the steps of the models and in particular of Bella and Gigi Hadid, having responded to the call of Fashion Week. Enough to introduce a solar parade, as the designer has accustomed us to, and to merge the terms athletic and sensuality, which have become her signature.

In the program ? A perfect fusion of technical materials, leather, mohair wool and iridescent fabrics waltzing between burnt orange, fluorescent, metallic blue and pop pink tones, which confirmed the nostalgia of the style of 1970s, the rallying point of all silhouettes. Resolutely long cargo pants, sequin curtains, XXL-sized thigh-high boots, nylon tracksuit bottoms… The essence of this collection embodied the very essence of Isabel Marant’s creative genius, who likes to accumulate different layers of clothing, and to divert its last from their primary functions. Fur sweaters were transformed into mini-dresses, total denim looks deceived the eye and boredom, and were punctuated with Y2K accents as will be discussed again next season. Of all trends spotted by our Fashion Journalist, there is one that we can no longer deny: the overalls.

Overalls: the star of the Isabel Marant fashion show this Paris Fashion Week

Relieved of the overalls to which she was attached for so long, the overalls embodied the new chic on the catwalk Isabel funny. Available in three colors ranging from beige to orange, including black for the big night, this revival of the era seventies dressed in leather to help the models look badass. A hoped-for comeback, since the dungarees bring together the ingredients needed to build one of the most beautiful Isabel Marant looks. Covering a knit fluffyand enhanced with high spirit boots Matrixdungarees will stand out as the ready-made alternative to jeans and other trousers, and will indeed stand out as an indispensable fashion item for next fall, and even for spring.

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