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Randomly in the streets of Lucca, the Palio della Balestra Antica

Yesterday afternoon, while I was just strolling through Lucca a ice in my hand, I discovered a poster announcing the Palio della Balestra Antica. I know the Palio of Siena, these demonstrations on horseback followed by parades and a big traditional festival. Word palio So intrigued me and I came back on time for the biggest surprise!

What show! I learned later that the Crossbow Palio features the crossbow rather than the horse, although this part comes only after a good hour of parade through the streets of the town, drumming and demonstrations of flag talent. You may have seen this performance in the movie Under the Tuscan sun, when the Polish lover is ready to play. It marked me and I had the chance to see her live.

It goes without saying that this tournament is ancestral, because it dates back to the 15th century and although that of Lucca seems to have been forgotten a few years, it is back in force!

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The party remains formal, with the extras in period clothes, the standard bearers and the drummers who parade and enter the main square. Here, Piazza San Michele, at the foot of one of Lucca’s most beautiful attractions, the Church of San Michele in Foro. The images describe better than I the time I spent savoring the Palio della Balestra Antica in onore de Santa Croce.

Show in Lucca, Palio di Lucca What to see in Lucca?  The annual Palio What to do in Lucca, Palio At the foot of the Church of San Michele in Foro Traditional Palio di Lucca in Italy Drums in Lucca Gym and sniper shooting We're going to shoot, Lucca We're going to shoot, Lucca Nobles, archers, gentlemen and bourgeois in Lucca, PalioMusicians playing in LuccaThe nobles arrive at the Palio de Lucca Musicians in Piazza San Michele in Lucca The ladies carry their bows and arrows - Palio di Lucca Throwing flags in Lucca, Italy Flag sets for the Italian Palio Hand painted flags in the air Palaestra demonstration for the Old Crossbow Palio in honor of the Holy Cross

Fabulous, isn’t it? A typical Italian moment crunched on the spot, while I was walking quietly. Successful surprise!

Have you ever seen a palio or similar parties in Italy?

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Palio de Lucca, Italy Palio della Balesta Antica in Lucca, Italy

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