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Robert Pattinson is the most handsome man in the world, according to science

Tastes and colors… each person has very different preferences, and that cannot be explained. To determine who was the most handsome man in the world, the experts did not rely on their own feelings. They helped each other mathematics, and more precisely of the method called golden ratio.

Also known as “gold number” or “divine proportion”, this calculation technique is generally used in the fields of painting, music and even architecture. It actually makes it possible to determine the perfect proportions. Scientists then decided to apply this old mathematical formula to determine what was the most beautiful man in the world. Verdict?

A 92.15% perfect face

The scientists who worked on this project based themselves on the facial proportions of many male celebrities. They studied their forehead, the location of their eyes, the size of their nose, their lips, their chin, as well as the shape of their face. And the big winner is neither Johnny Depp nor Brad Pitt. It is another actor but of British nationality who would have the perfect face.

According to science, Robert Pattinson would be the handsome man in the world. His face matches 92.15% golden ratio and therefore in perfect proportions. “Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection” plastic surgeon Julian De Silva explained to the magazine The Sun. “He was in the top five in almost every category because he has classically shaped features and a wonderful chiseled jawline. Her only below-average score is for her lips, which are a bit thin and flat.”

The ranking of the most beautiful men in the world

The experts did not just determine THE most handsome man in the world. They established a whole ranking. Thus, Henry Cavill is in second place with 91.64%, Bradley Cooper next with 91.08%, Brad Pitt with 90.51%, and finally George Clooney with 89.91%.

But then what would thePerfect man, the one whose face would correspond perfectly to the proportions of the golden ratio? According to these same scientists, his face would have the location of the eyes, the forehead and the lips of Henry Cavill, the chin of David Beckham, the nose of Ryan Gosling and finally, the shape of the face of Hugh Jackman. A face that is however hard to imagine.

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