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Sensitive skin ? Natural care powder Clarification to the rescue!

With her brand Clarification, Clara, former artistic director in beauty, has developed powder treatments 100% of natural origin, vegan and adapted to reactive and sensitive skins.


How was Clarification born?

Clara Calderini : I worked for 5 years in the field of beauty and mass distribution, and more specifically in the category of cosmetics, hygiene and hair devices.

Clarification was born both from a need – I myself have sensitive and reactive skin and I could not find products suitable for my skin – but also from an observation; that of the lack of transparency vis-à-vis the ingredients that make up cosmetics. Finally, the brand was also born out of ecological awareness.

At the start of 2021, I therefore decided to create my own skincare range in order to offer an alternative suitable for sensitive skin, according to my own ethical and ecological criteria.

Clarification is a meaningful name, can you tell us more?

CC : As a consumer, I was really faced with a major problem, it is the lack of popularized information. The incomprehensible lists of ingredients, which we can quickly misinterpret; it takes time and research to understand the composition of the product that we are using and that we are going to put on our skin or scalp. It’s pretty absurd when you think about it!

The name therefore imposed itself. In the literal sense, to clarify is to make something, a substance, more pure, and in the figurative sense, it is to make more understandable.

The Clarification approach is to offer care without unwanted ingredients and opt for transparency, with simple, clear but complete explanations.

Why the choice of powder galenic?

CC : For ecological, ergonomic and skin-friendly reasons.

First of all, and I don’t think I’m the only one, solid or bar cosmetics come up against an ergonomic problem! We are often obliged to buy a soap dish; when you get to the end and you end up with little crumbs, you need a little trickle; when we travel, we need a case! Parallel purchases not necessarily practical or aesthetic.

Then, the powder dosage form is anhydrous. No need for water, so no need for preservatives! Often controversial, irritating or even allergenic, they are traditionally used in the composition of cosmetics consisting of water in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Finally, my two powder treatments, the Radiance Powder – Face Exfoliant and the Volume Powder – Dry Shampoo, have aluminum packaging, or metal and carton. We do without plastic!

Clarification has chosen formulations without essential oils, why?

CC : Absolutely, I made the choice to do without essential oils which can trigger allergies, but also alcohol which is made up of a large number of cosmetics, even solid ones. This is Clarification’s primary fight: to offer ultra-gentle skin care and minimize the risk of allergic reactions. All the formulas are made in France and my formulas have all been tested under dermatological control, also in France, to adapt to sensitive skin prone to reactions.

Yet full of benefits, the powder format is rarely offered in supermarkets …

CC : It is a new, innovative format, and above all, not all laboratories are equipped to package this galenic, and even less if we want the packaging to be eco-responsible. There are some products sold in powder form in supermarkets, but their packaging is not eco-responsible. They often contain propellants, which is a real ecological aberration.

In terms of packaging, it was a real challenge for me. I was able to develop packaging in metal and cardboard with a partner in France. From a consumer point of view, the gesture is a little new: it is a small sprinkler, but the helping hand is quickly taken!

Tell us about your two flagship products, dry shampoo and exfoliating powder …

CC : In general, dry shampoo really has a lot of advantages: it allows you to take breaks and space out shampoos, reduce your water consumption, but also save time and texturize fine hair. But not all formulations and packaging are created equal. The former contain these famous allergenic ingredients, and the latter are not ecological at all.

With the Volume Powder – Dry Shampoo, I therefore deliberately created an ultra minimalist formula, suitable for sensitive scalps for daily use, with only 3 ingredients: corn starch, white clay kaolin and flour. oats.

The Radiance Powder – Face Exfoliant responds to a need that all sensitive skin has: gentle exfoliation. I thus developed a formula which gently rids them of their impurities, without attacking them. Among the 8 ingredients, rice powder, which leaves a feeling of hydration and softness. The complexion is brighter and the skin texture is refined.

Both come in eco-responsible packaging either 100% aluminum, or metal and cardboard.

New products soon?

CC : Sure ! The idea is really to develop a whole range of personal hygiene in powder version.



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