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She applies her mascara using tweezers, the result is incredible!

Until now, we didn’t ask ourselves any questions about the application of our mascara. If several decades ago, the product was separated from its brush, today the packaging offered is very different. Simply open the mascara to remove a brush already covered in product from the tube. We did not plan to apply it otherwise. However, some are full of imagination and try new methods for a made even more impressive.

The last technique making the most talk at the moment was proposed by Selena Gomez. Present on TikTok, the American singer shared a video to detail her make-up routine. A 100% Rare Beauty make-up, her own beauty brand launched in 2020. The pretty brunette of Mexican origin then begins with her complexion. For this, she relies on products with a cream or liquid texture in order to obtain a made natural.

The right mascara trick to make up your lower lashes

@Selena Gomez @rarebeauty ♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline

Then comes the stage of the eyes. For an everyday beauty look, Selena Gomez does not highlight her look with either eye shadow or eyeliner. She simply bets on the Perfect Strokes Universal Rare Beauty mascara. A product suitable for all eyelashes that promises both length, volume and curve. On her TikTok video, the American star applies a little material to her upper lashes. The result is amazing. But Selena Gomez does not stop there.

You know it ! In make-up, two teams stand out. Those who apply mascara only to their upper lashes, then those who prefer to put it on both their lashes upper and lower. If you are part of the first team, know that Selena Gomez’s trick may well make you change your mind. Indeed, applying mascara to the top and bottom of her eyes can quickly create a “daisy” look. To avoid this, but still make up the lower lashes, the young woman found the right technique.

The technique that offers a “babydoll” look

To make up her lower lashes, Selena Gomez takes a tweezers and take a little mascara on the product brush. She then comes to pinch small bunches of eyelashes. The idea is rather clever and above all the rendering is incredible! This instantly delivers beautiful lashes and a doll look for a “babydoll” beauty look. Adorable ! And we are not the only ones to have been convinced by this makeup tip.

As a comment, his community also seems to love it. “This trick with the tweezers is made for me”, “I absolutely have to try this technique with the tweezers, I always have trouble applying makeup to my lower lashes”, “The tweezers method waxing is revolutionary”… can we read in comment of the video of Selena Gomez. Now all we have to do is give it a try!

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