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she dares tanning injections and ends up in the emergency room

Beauty standards differ from country to country. If in the Philippines or India, for example, women do everything to keep their skin as white as possible (several years ago, displaying fair skin was a sign of wealth. It meant that you didn’t have to work outside), this is not the case everywhere. In the United Kingdom in particular, people prefer to display a well tanned skin (which can also be interpreted today as a sign of wealth, since it would explain that they had the means to go on holiday in the sun).

To get the tan that makes them dream so much, some are ready to do anything… and even to break the law. There are many methods for tanning your skin (self-tanners, UV cabins, etc.), but not all of them are legal. We think in particular of Melanotan injectionsa synthetic hormone also known as “barbie drug” or “barbie drug”. This increases the production of melanin and thus promises a golden tan quickly with very little exposure to the sun.

Barbie drug: the dangers of tanning injections

Danielle Trevarthen, a 26-year-old Briton, wanted to try Melanotan injections. While this is illegal in the UK, she asked her boyfriend to perform the injection on her buttocks himself. It was barely a week after Danielle Trevarthen noticed a large abscess 12 centimeters.

This is not the only reaction that the young woman has made following the injections of Melanotan. The latter entrusted The Sun that she had also met breathing problems. Immediately, Danielle Trevarthen went to a doctor. The healthcare professional then prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. However, treatment was not enough.

Alternatives for a safe tan

The days passed and the complications persisted. The Briton then had to spend a stay of 3 weeks in hospital on an artificial respirator. Now cured, Danielle Trevarthen keeps a large scar. Traumatized by this experience, she warns of the dangers of the Barbie drug and in no way recommends this method of tanning.

“Now if I want a tan, I use self-tanner or go out in the sun with a ton of sunscreen” she told The Sun. It must be said that between food supplements, self-tanning drops or even body foundations, there are now many alternatives to get a nice tan without risk!

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