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She warns about Brazilian smoothing after losing her hair

We are never satisfied with what we have. So, quite often, women with straight hair would like to have it curly, while those with curly hair would prefer to have it straight. For this, if this is your case, many methods are available to you. You can for example bet on a straightening iron, a brushing at the hairdresser, or more radically opt for a semi-permanent straightening.

Whether it’s tannin, French, Japanese or even Brazilian, they all have the same goal: to transform your curls into hair. perfectly smooth. A method that allows you to keep “baguette” lengths for about 6 months. To maintain it and preserve the smoothness as long as possible, it is simply asked to pay attention to the care that one uses. It is resistant to humidity and even water. A dream which however turned into a nightmare for this woman who confided in the columns of the magazine Stylist UK.

A situation out of control

It was on the occasion of her cousin’s wedding that the young woman made the decision to go to the hairdresser and opt for a Brazilian straightening. Thus, for the event, she would have beautiful smooth and shiny hair. As soon as she left the hairdressing salon, the Englishwoman was not disappointed. The before/after result was exactly what she expected. On the other hand, everything degenerates rather quickly. “Shortly after, my scalp was itching and hurting, then I was losing handfuls of hair each day” she told the newspaper. Worried about what was happening to her, she immediately made an appointment with her GP. The expert was then able to confirm that she was having an allergic reaction to Brazilian straightening.

“Although my hair looked great and was much easier to maintain, it wasn’t worth it given the amount of hair I was losing” she clarified. With each stroke of the brush, the Englishwoman saw hair falling to the ground. “I was helpless, with no control over my hair loss”. To best fight against the phenomenon, she tried different remedies. However, none worked. In 4 months, the young woman lost half of her hair. “It was disastrous”, according to her.

How to explain this sudden hair loss?

It could in fact be formaldehyde (or formalin) present in the smoothing preparations. Questioned by the magazine Stylist UK, Dr Sabine Donnai specifies that “formaldehyde is a toxic chemical for the system that can cause a whole host of complications… from skin irritation to asthma, hair loss and an increased risk of cancer”. The expert even specifies that the recommended dosages are not always respected, even in care products bearing the mention “formaldehyde-free”. “Studies have proven that most straightening products have a concentration of formaldehyde five times higher than the recommended level”.

So, in the event of a reaction (scalp that heats up, becomes red, irritated, etc.), immediately consult your doctor. Finally, as a precaution, do not do your hair straightening alone at home. Do not go to the first hairdresser offering this type of service either. Find out beforehand, also look at the opinions of customers left on the Internet. Finally, if you tend to have allergies or skin reactions, do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser to carry out a test on a very small part of your scalp beforehand.

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