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skin jewelry is popular, here’s how to wear it this summer!

That’s it, the beautiful days are well and truly settled! And the beauty trends that are about to punctuate the next few months too…

Red mouth, complexion glowing, vitaminized eyeshadows… It’s hard not to fall for make-up! Skin rhinestones are also part of these beautifications that wear all faces!

crystal-eye : zoom on skin jewelry!

The make-up that best embodies this growing trend is none other than the crystal-eye. This is one of the most searched makeup inspirations on pinterest since the beginning of the year !

It must be said that this original makeup has the art of magnifying the look by framing it with small transparent or multicolored crystals.

Arranged as much around the eyes as at the level of the cheekbones, these delicate skin jewels bring light to the face. Sported in the evening, they know how to make all the difference!

A make-up trend inspired by the series Euphoria

If the crystal-eye has already been seen on the catwalks of major fashion shows on several occasions in recent years, it is clear that it is back on the front of the stage in 2022 and it is no coincidence…

In Euphoriathe crystal-eye is a true signature. So inevitably, the more the famous series meets with success, the more this make-up like no other finds itself in the spotlight. More trendy than ever!

If there are a thousand and one ways to wear it, know that Crystal Eye is not limited to the trend of rhinestones… Indeed, the latter is also available on the nails and even on the teeth!

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