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Some tips for taking care of your swimsuit!

Proper washing of the swimsuit

To enjoy your swimsuit as long as possible, it should be offered adequate maintenance. To begin with, after each swim, don’t forget to rinse your swimsuit thoroughly before placing it in its carrying bag or wrapping it in a towel. Obviously, this action is not enough. Once home, wash your two-piece or monokini with lukewarm water and a mild soap such as Marseille’s soap or any other neutral pH soap. This way, you will get the maximum amount of chlorine, sunscreen and salt water.

Avoid machine washing

Machine washing swimsuits is strongly discouraged, especially if the fabrics are lycra or spandex. This technique risks deforming the linen, especially the part of the bra. In addition, it tends to damage the small decorative touches of the jersey such as sequins and pearls. Therefore, hand washing is preferred. It helps maintain the elasticity and shape of the fabric. On the drying side, avoid exposing the jersey to direct sunlight as much as possible at the risk of discoloring it. Prefer a shaded and flat location. For lack of space, you have to hang it on a rope? Be careful of clothespins that are too tight, as they can leave marks on the fabric.

Wear the swimsuit properly

When wearing a swimsuit, beware of rough surfaces such as the edges of swimming pools, sand and deck chairs. They can gradually deteriorate the fabric of your jersey and promote the appearance of pilling. To preserve the material, sit as much as possible on a towel. When going to the beach in the summer, note that products such as sunscreen or body oils can leave stains on your swimsuit. Thus, apply your care avoiding the fabric. When it comes to hot tubs, the heat and chemicals take a toll on your swimwear. So, for your trips to the spa, do not wear your favorite bathing suit.

In addition, the ideal would be to invest in two or three different jerseys. So, to preserve their quality, you just have to alternate them. Their fabric will have time to regain its texture until the next swim. Materials like spandex and lycra take about 24 hours to regain their original appearance. Want to expand your swimwear collection? Galeries Lafayette offers a variety of items as trendy as each other.


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