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spring essentials to lengthen your legs

Spring 2022 fashion trend: the right pants for endless legs!

If jeans are a safe bet when you want stretch your legs, especially when it is selected straight and high waisted, you must not neglect the pants and their remodeling power. Selected with precision, taking into account its morphology, it is able to stretch the silhouette like good old denim. Several models are available this season at Mango. Consider, for example, the white high waisted pants. Its straight cut and side slits at the bottom automatically give the impression of longer legs. We advise you to wear this very “officewear” style of pants with a fitted blazer, or a small tight black top.

This spring, we don’t forget wideleg pants either, or THE trend par excellence. The particularity of the yellow wideleg model spotted at Mango? Its ultra-comfortable cotton blend fabric and, of course, its opening at the bottom which lets you see the ankles, and therefore lengthens the legs perfectly. We summarize: when you are small and rather round, you opt for the straight suit trousers, if possible of a dark color. When we are rather tall, we dare wide leg. In any doubt, the straight pants will never fail you.

Mango women’s jumpsuit: does it allow you to enlarge your silhouette? Which model to choose?

Believe it or not, but the combination also has the power to stretch the body and give the impression of endless legs. This is also the power of fashion: play with detail, even if it means using optical illusions. As the warm weather arrives, it’s time to invest in a wardrobe worthy of the name complete with combinations that are as desirable as they are practical to transform your figure. Our favorite at Mango: the jumpsuit with crossed straps, with its straight cut, slim at the hips and asymmetrical at the bust. Completed with a big trendy belt at the waist and a beautiful pair of pumps, you have the extended silhouette. Same thing for the cut-out knot model which smells good in the warm seasons. Last advice: do not hesitate to carefully roll up to make them fall right at your ankles. Simple fashion techniques, but really effective.

Short Mango skirt: mini model, maxi effect!

Let it be said: autumn-winter is good, but only for a while. From now on, we want a less heavy wardrobe to carry, more relaxed and which will above all allow us to overcome the rise in temperatures to come in style. For this reason, we rush towards the trend mini skirt (mini-skirt), spotted on the catwalks of recent Fashion Weeks, especially at the show miu miu. In the spring of 2022, the shorter the better. Like a throwback to the 1990s-2000s, the mini-skirt loses none of its sensual and sexy power. In the new collection Mango, short models, in tweed or denim, will undoubtedly ensure dream legs for those who know how to wear them. That is to say, completed with a beautiful white oversized shirt, a thin belt, and a pair of babies to have fun with the “preppy” trend. Whether you are small or rather tall, be sure that mini-skirts will never disappoint you. With this, the coolest wardrobe of 2022 will clearly be yours.

Mango women’s fluid trench coat: what spring jacket should you invest in now to lengthen your legs?

For a stretched silhouette to the maximum, we complete our spring outfits with a jacket or a trench adequate. The trend of the season, spotted at Mango, is in pastel tweed and cropped. Just like the mini-skirt, the shorter the jacket, the more the silhouette gives the impression of being enlarged. The ideal is still to find a model that stops at the waist. Houndstooth, checkered, plain… it’s up to you to find the one that best suits your style and personality. Finally, as long as we can before it gets too hot, we take out our trench! For the spring-summer 2022flowing and clear pieces will be the most fashionable.

At Mango, a trench in this vein is available, and is already proving to be ultra effective in completely redefining a silhouette. Our advice: wear it open if you’re tall, with high-waisted jeans and a pair of cowboy boots. Buckle it up or waist level if you’re petite, with a white t-shirt or a timeless blouse, a tweed skirt and a nice pair of ultra-glamorous open-heeled sandals. Those who are lazy can completely complete these major trends of the season with a nice pair of sneakers. The total femme fatale look is yours.

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