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spring New Balance for less than 95 euros

It’s as if all the most stylish girls on the planet got together to agree on one thing: the star basketball of 2022 is indeed the New Balance. Launched in 1906 by the orthopedic shoemaker William R. Riley, its 320 model was awarded the title of “best running shoe” by Runner’s World. Since then, its evolution has been dazzling, and never takes a wrinkle. As well cut for sport as for the city, the New Balance is propelled by the success it meets on social networks, and thus remains in 2022 a reference sneaker. Almost always at the feet of Kendall Jenner and Em Rataadored by Katie Holmes and Rihanna, the hottest models and stars of the moment can’t get enough of it. And we understand them. This is also why we offer you in this article the most beautiful promotions spotted on the web, so that you can finally invest in your own pair. If it is not done yet.

New Balance 2022 trend: which model to invest in?

To be fashionable as soon as the good weather arrives, put on a pair of New Balance shoes. The flagship model of spring, that Instagram addicts have been lighting up with the flash of their camera for months? The New Balance 327. The platform Stylight also reveals that, between February 2021 and February 2022, New Balance sneakers displayed on Google a increase in searches of no less than 94%. A percentage as proof of crazy success, but not only. On social networks, the most fashionable girls in France are all adopting the “NB” vibe, among them Leia Sfez and Jeanne Damas. And on TikTokit’s pure madness: more than 451 million views on the hashtag #NewBalance. That is to say.

New Balance women’s sneakers: what is the star color?

A few months ago, green was the most fashionable color in the heart of the fashion world. Funny when you know that according to Pantone, the color of the year 2022 is the ” Very Peri », or the perfect blend of bluish and purplish shades. Recently, in particular thanks to the Paris Fashion Week fall-winter 2022-2023, pink has imposed itself en masse in collections and especially in the street. To be at the forefront of style as soon as the fine weather arrives, we suggest you invest in these tones, from candy to fuchsia, via the unbeatable (and more timeless) pastel. Because with the New Balance, it’s the assurance of finding a pair of comfortable and timeless sneakers, in the color and shape of our choice, and which will be transmitted from generation to generation if we know how to take care of them.

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