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Stars made obese with Photoshop: the new phenomenon

For several years now, the movement body positive fights to change mentalities. Women, and even men, have mobilized so that no one ever has to hate their bodies again. But also so that people stop giving their opinion and criticizing each other’s morphology. In short, that everyone accepts their appearance as it is and respects that of others. A fight that paid off.

Indeed, more and more brands are offering advertising campaigns with models of different morphologies. Celebrities also use their notoriety for the benefit of movement and self-acceptance. Many of them take to their social networks to post photos of their bodies as they are. A “normal” body that is not all smooth, and far from diktats. Stretch marks, cellulite, body hair, bulges, dark circles, pimples… it’s no longer uncommon to see celebrities Natural, flaunting their little “imperfections” on Instagram.

Photo montages to normalize voluptuous bodies

On the red carpet too, the stars make it a point of honor to make things happen. Stars are no longer afraid to walk the red carpet and pose for photographers with a few gray hairs. These have also recently launched the trend of “chevron sweeping” to sublimate rather than camouflage graying roots. Finally, others, like Paris Jackson or Lourdes Leon (Madonna’s daughter) let themselves be shot with hairs at armpit level. Simply because no one should dictate any rules to anyone when it comes to their body.

For some time a new phenomenon appeared on social networks, but this initiative does not come from the stars themselves. Some Internet users share retouched photos of celebrities. They actually go through software such as Photoshop to see what the body of such and such a personality could look like with 20 or 30 extra pounds. Their goal ? Normalize voluptuous bodies.

An Instagram trend pointed out

The objective of this initiative started from a good intention. However, this does not go down well with everyone and these photos of overweight stars pose a problem. And for good reason, many Internet users have asked themselves the following question: why touching up the body of certain celebrities to give them a few extra pounds, rather than highlighting stars naturally round ?

Asked by 7out7the Belgian plus-size model Romy Schlimbach told : “No, that’s not why bodies like mine have more place in our society. It gives the impression that there is a positive impact behind it, but there is not.” She then clarified her thoughts: “We are talking about a fake picture here. It is better to give a platform to real people, with real bodies, and thus ensure better representation and greater diversity. The problem is that this trend does not. So it will not encourage people to respect my body or that of other obese people”.

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