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take advantage of two accessories available now

What is the Dyson Airwrap™?

For those who have not yet spotted this little gem of technology despite its strong presence on social networks, it is a multifunctional hairdressing device signed Dyson. Hair dryer, blower brush, curler, straightener… It literally does it all! Equipped with several tips to achieve different styles, it allows you to change your head according to your desires, without damaging the hair. It is thanks to the aerodynamic phenomenon called the effect Coanda that we can obtain pretty waves, a natural straightening or a perfect brushing: the hair is attracted by the air then combed without extreme heat (less than 150°C). With this, getting your hair done has never been easier!

Dyson offer: the opportunity to crack

What might make you hesitate before buying a Dyson Airwrap™ is its cost of 549 euros for the complete kit. Note that in the latter, we find the following products: a pair of 40 mm Airwrap ™ rollers for pretty soft waves, another pair of 30 mm Airwrap ™ rollers for voluminous curls, a round brush tip for maximum volume, a hard smoothing brush to reduce frizz, a soft smoothing brush for smooth blow-drying and finally a pre-drying nozzle. All in a large storage box with filter cleaning brush. What if we told you that right now, and until next May 31 (or while supplies last), you could benefit from two accessories offered extra for the purchase of a Dyson Airwrap™ Nickel/Red or Grey/Fuschia? With a value of 105 euros you will receive a display and a travel pouch. Perfect for storing your new favorite toy in your bathroom or for easily taking it on the go with you. In view of the international success known by this hairdressing tool, we advise you not to delay too long because this offer could please more than one person. We say that, we say nothing…

Airwrap™ Complete

Airwrap™ Complete


549 €

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