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taking a hot shower is a great idea, doctors say

You couldn’t miss this information. Everyone has been talking about it all the time for several days: France is going through a period of strong heat. A third of French departments are even in red alert for the heat wave. With this rise in temperature, we only want one thing and one thing only: to cool off with as little as possible and imaginable. Yet not all of them are recommended by experts.

Water with ice cubes, lemon or mint-based drink, water mist…there are plenty of solutions for finding even a touch of freshness. Some are even braver by taking cold showers. Not always very pleasant, it cools the body well and relieve for a moment high temperatures. A habit that many have…yet it would not be recommended by doctors.

The ideal would be to take a hot shower

Indeed, contacted by the HuffPosta doctor explained that taking a cold shower during the heat wave was harmful to health and counterproductive. “Man is a warm-blooded animal. When it is cold, it produces heat internally and externally. When it is hot, he sweats to evacuate the heat” said Dr. Brigitte Tregouet.

In other words, taking a cold shower will not really refresh our body which, in reaction to this wave of freshness, will produce heat. In fact, ideally, you should even take a hot shower for our body to cool down. And if the cold shower was already a difficult step, staying in hot water during the heat wave period is, we imagine, even more complicated. Still, that would be the right trick to try. In the same vein, it is also recommended to take hot drinks when you can’t stand the heat anymore. Hot flashes will then lower our body temperature.

The dangers of cold showers during a heat wave

But rest assured, still according to the expert, a shower at normal temperature also cools! “Then the water evaporates and it causes cold, it cools and lowers the body temperature”, explained Brigitte Tregouet. In reality, it is the evaporation of water that brings this pleasant feeling of freshness. So a little advice: don’t dry yourself off right away out of the shower to benefit from its benefits.

Brigitte Tregouet also took the opportunity to warn about the dangers of taking a cold shower during a heat wave. “Very cold water can cause contraction of small arteries. If you are 20 years old and in perfect health, it is fine, otherwise or if you have not been very reasonable, that you have played sports for example, the body is already exhausted and cold water can cause a shock if the temperature difference is too great” she clarified. So we quickly forget the idea, and we go back to a shower at normal temperature.

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