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the 10 most searched clothes and accessories on the Internet this winter

What timing more perfect if it is not in full Fashion Week Parisian, to depict the fashion pieces which have met with real success at the start of the year. And it is with a precise classification that the fashion shopping platform Lyst heralds the arrival of the traditional -and highly anticipated- Lyst Index.

In the program ? A retrospective of top 10 luxury, high-end and ready-to-wear items combined, which turn out to be the most popular from the moment. Thus, it would seem that the fashion editor was not mistaken, since this quarter, various trends we told you about, are on the top steps of the podium.

What are the most sought-after fashion pieces on the Internet this winter 2022?

While last season all the merits were given to the Prada raffia tote bag, this quarter the situation has changed somewhat, because if on the side of men’s items it is the moccasins Gucci 1953 Horsebit loafers which rise to first position, on the side of women’s pieces it is a completely different object of desire.

What can we already tell you? The tendencygorpcore is making a strong comeback in 2022. If this name does not mean much to you yet, this hype associated with 1990s style and pop culture, is actually a sweet contraction of ” gorp (acronym of “good, oats, grapes, peanuts) or an energy mix suitable for hikers, and “ core » in reference to the term « hardcore “. In other words, this movement is synonymous with the style outdoors composed of technical and comfortable fashion pieces. Items that fall into the category gorpcore ? the bob in Re-Nylon of Prada (2nd female article), the quilted jacket The Frankie Shop (3rd women’s item), the Arc’Teryx Alpha SV jacket (7th men’s item) and the Miu Miu balaclavas (10and female article) and the balaclava Stone Island (10th male article).

On the sidelines, we observe this quarter that cozy shoes such as Prada’s nylon mules, and UGG’s Tazz Slippers are winning all the votes, as we anticipated last week. Now, let’s lift the veil on the ranking of winter 2022 star clothing and accessories, and in which to invest absolutely.

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