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The 15 hottest beauty influencers

They have revolutionized the world of make-up and cosmetics on the web. Here are the 15 most fashionable beauty influencers!

For the past ten years, they have reigned supreme over the world of beauty. Showing an impressive number of subscribers on instagram and Youtube, these young women have managed to retain a very large community. While some are seasoned enthusiasts, others already have substantial professional experience. Every week, she likes to share their tips and their opinion on what is now called the “beautysphere”.

If the phenomenon was born across the Atlantic, it has spread like wildfire in France. We no longer count the number of French beauty influencers who post incredible scores on the web. Some, like sananas Where Elsa Make Up have been present for many years. Others, who arrived more recently like Gaelle Garcia Diaz, have quickly become essential references.

Beauty influencers give the measure!

Gone are the days of women’s magazines. From now on, they are the ones we listen to to find out if a product or a lipstick is really worth it. But don’t be fooled by appearances, these young women are far from being superficial. They assert a sometimes colorful personality and are formidable business women. Several have even created their own brand, proof of their influence in the world of make-up and cosmetics.

Brands have understood this well: without the help of a beauty influencer, it is now difficult to do well when launching a new product. If they love, success may well be at the rendezvous. Our top 15 thus highlights 15 young women to follow without delay, with very different horizons and universes.




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