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the 2022 beauty trend that breaks the codes of cosmetics

The beauty industry continues to evolve for the better, each year new trends come to revolutionize our skin. Whether it’s the K beauty (Korean beauty) who was able to offer us instant results thanks to layering, or J-beauty (Japanese beauty) who taught us to play it safe and use products infused with spf To prevent sun damage, many beauty methods have emerged to help us cherish our skin.

Recently, the biggest trend in skin care is to be found in Europe, very close to home. G-beauty, the German beauty trend is overturning the codes of cosmetics.

Beauty trend 2022: What is G-Beauty?

As you might have guessed, the G in G-Beauty stands for “German”. That beauty routine revolutionary is famous for its effective, 100% natural formulas designed to target specific skin concerns.

Indeed, most of the ingredients found in the products are natural and organic. They are sourced from biodynamic farms (organic farms that do not use artificial fertilizers) to ensure the formulas remain clean and pure.

Why is G-Beauty so popular?

On the one hand, these products are proven to be effective and moreover a significant part of the design of the latter is obtained from extensive scientific research. Second, most products offer the option environmentally friendly that many of us are looking for in this time of climate change.

And even if the German government does not invest as much as the Korean government when it comes to marketing abroad. ” The country really supports biodynamic agriculture and this idea of ​​sustainability,” said Martina Joseph, General Manager of the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care brand. She added “If you look at the many German companies, you can see that the products are of high quality as well as their ingredients. »

A scientific approach

Like most things from Germany, G-beauty is backed by strict engineering and scientific research. In the same way that the famous “Deutsche Qualitat” (or German quality) operates on the famous brands of Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Bosch. How? ‘Or’ What? A large number of G-beauty brands are founded by doctorsscientists and teachers.

Minimal packaging

Yet another positive point in the products offered by our German counterparts is the often minimalist packaging. And the transparent composition of the products. The packaging is sober, the ingredients are presented in a clear and simple way and the assertions are supported by science with the affixing of patent for example.

German G-Beauty brands

Barbara Sturm (who founded her own skin care range of the same name) is a renowned specialist in rejuvenating and anti-aging skin treatments and has her own clinic in Düsseldorf.

Weleda was co-founded by a German chemist and pharmacist.

QMS Medicosmetics was created by Dr. Erich Schulte. This one, researched wounds to develop skincare that actually heals your skin.

Augustinas Bader (who founded the skincare line of the same name) is a world-renowned stem cell scientist. He used his research on cell regeneration to create revolutionary formulas.

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, brand Dr. Hauschka had collaborated with Elisabeth Sigmund in order to develop a unique process of vegetable extraction without alcohol. He then used this process to create facial care formulas to complete his pharmaceutical range.

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