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the 4 trendy pairs to acquire before they are everywhere

Because they are obviously an integral part of everything shoesing self-respecting, shoes in all their forms, retain their rightful place. And for good reason, summer and winter, they adapt to all circumstances and are suitable for all outings. And while the Moon Boot and the military ankle boots had hitherto been popular, here they are ready to give up their title of trend shoes, to new recruits who come at just the right time to get us off to a good start in spring. What do we need to remember first? The tendency is now turning to colored tones, ideal for energizing our spring fashion wardrobe.

What are the shoe trends for spring 2022?

This season, the focus is more on shoes tinted with pop colors, like neon green, which will last until its presence in the spring 2022 fashion trend book. fuchsia, already adopted by the trendiest fashionistas of our generation, and in particular those spotted around the parade Valentino fall-winter 2022-2023, which was held in Paris this Sunday, March 6. All in all, to facilitate any purchase, here are the 4 shoe trends essential to any approach between now and March 20, and even well before.

Platform shoes

With all due respect to the most refractory, the platform shoes once again become real references in terms of style. One of the reasons? The crazy success met for the Medusa pumps signed Versace, which have become legion since the most successful fashionistas appropriated them: Bella and Gigi Hadid, Léna Situations, Caroline Daur, Dua Lipa… For spring, the next generation is assured since the brands trendy fashion designers have not missed the boat, and are in turn offering various pairs of shoes with XXL soles.


Babies with heels, or Mary Janes, whatever name you give them, these woman-child shoes which are recognized by a horizontal strap on the instep, closed by a buckle or a button, have a common point that unites them: their preppy look. And it was enough to seduce the stylish women of the 21st century. The favorite brand of our Fashion Journalist? Nodaletowithout hesitation.

The colorful mules

Because their uncovered heel is an ideal combination for looking forward to spring, the mules will establish themselves quite quickly as a leading trend as soon as the good weather begins. The star model of spring 2022? The green heeled mules The Attico that we owe to the duo of ultra-trendy Italian designers, Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini. Spotted last summer, these retro shoes were worn by none other than Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner. A sufficient promo to ensure them a place in the shoe trend book this year again.

Arty heeled shoes

Arched banana heel, or even enhanced by a false semblance of lemon according to Jacquemus… The heel of spring shoes is no longer limited to traditional shapes but is akin to a true work of art.

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