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the “5 seconds” method would be MAGIC

We are always looking for the best to maintain our hair. We all dream of silky, soft, shiny and perfectly healthy hair. However, it is not always easy to achieve this. Between the repeated colorings, the daily smoothings, the omissions of care, our lengths are not always as beautiful as we would like. To repair the damage, we are ready for almost anything; and in particular to try all the new methods that emerge from social networks or those revealed by experts.

A few days ago, the Spanish edition of Vogue magazine highlighted a new magic technique. And it is none other than the director of the Cheska hair salon who was kind enough to share this secret. Maria Baras clarified that according to her, the most important thing to wear dream hair was the hair washing. In fact, in addition to the treatment applied or the quantity of product used, the method of cleaning and rinsing has its importance. And just like us, you have probably already paid the price.

Hair rinsing, a step not to be neglected

One morning, a little in a hurry, we go in the shower. We clean our hair quickly, we apply a treatment, we leave it on for 30 seconds and we rinse it (too) quickly. As soon as it dries, you can see if your conditioner or mask has been rinsed out badly. But by then it is too late. And we already know the rest: hair that will appear greasy, bland and without shine since the first day. To avoid this and obtain beautiful soft, light, shiny and silky hair, Maria Baras has the best solution.

To never have to go through such an experience again, Maria Baras explains that it is important to take the time to rinse your hair properly. There is no real rinsing time to respect since, as the hairdresser reminds Vogue Spain, “it will depend on the mass of hair you have, the length and the thickness”. Nevertheless, there is indeed a universal ruler suitable for everyone! This is the method of “5 seconds”.

The quick and easy “5 seconds” method

But what exactly is the method of “5 seconds” ? “I always say rinse your hair until you can run your hands through it easily and feel no trace of conditioner. At this point, you can continue rinsing for another 5 seconds. It is after this that the rinsing will be truly finished”, she explains. Rather simple and quick as a tip!

Finally, Maria Baras also took advantage of this interview to reveal another rinse secret to maximize the beauty of her hair. “And whenever possible, try rinsing your hair at almost cold water to close the cuticle, and refresh the hair with a light scalp massage. In addition, it adds a few extra seconds of rinsing to the ritual”, says the expert. Finally, according to these different tips, having beautiful silky and light hair is not so complicated. It just lies in small details to pay attention to.

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