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The 9 best beauty gifts to give

Gifting makeup or treatments to a beauty fan is a genius idea for Christmas. On the other hand, you have to choose well and you get lost quickly. As fun and important as skincare can be – who doesn’t like to swap serum recommendations or post a good #sheetmaskselfie? – the way our skin behaves and reacts to certain products is as unique as a fingerprint. The harsh reality, then, is that sometimes it takes years of trial and error to find the products for our skin that actually give the results we’re looking for.

Despite a global pandemic, the beauty industry has kept its promises by launching new makeup, hair and skin care products. Whether it’s soothing personal care products like silk sleep masks and CBD-infused skin care products, or cosmetics that made us feel a little more ourselves, brands are making a difference. are shown to meet everyone’s needs, and it shows in the best beauty gifts of 2021. Whether you’re shopping for limited edition makeup sets or browsing all of Sephora, there is something for everyone. on your list.

Beauty: Cosmetics as a Christmas gift idea

Now imagine that you are trying to find great products for another person’s skin. A difficult task, but not an impossible one, the gift of good skin care is a way of showing that you care about someone’s well-being and encouraging them to take time for themselves. In addition, finding the right products to offer is quite achievable, thanks to this guide.

Faced with the abundance of products to offer for the end of year celebrations, we’ve listed the best skin care gifts for every skin type and concern.

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