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The 9 scents to adopt urgently for winter 2021

Winter might not be everyone’s favorite season, but there are plenty of reasons to love a winter-inspired scent. Unlike the type of fragrances you will often find in the air in spring and summer, winter scents offer a little more scope for experimentation and depth.

Whether you prefer the woody and smoky notes or the sweeter winter flowers, the scents of the cool season are not limited to the basic aromas by the fireside. Change your signature scent to mark the change of season leaves you feeling warm, cozy and longing like only a great scent can.

Beauty: Winter fragrances for all tastes

Choosing the right care is sometimes complicated, so a perfume can become a headache. A winter scent is not necessarily a festive scent. Winter smells of cinnamon, the crackle of fireplaces and baked cookies. A winter scent can have this scent too, but it’s more of the darker and mysterious vibe of the cold season. Winter extends well beyond the holidays, and your favorite seasonal scent should therefore accompany you until the first days of spring.

It should be warm and sultry, and have a outfit long enough to linger over your favorite sweater. Whether you go for a gourmet scent or prefer the deeper version of a floral scent, here are the 9 best new fragrances to wear for winter 2021 and 2022.

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