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the anti-aging secret that Gisèle Bundchen applies every day

If time leaves its mark on everything it touches, the beautiful Gisele Bundchen seems to be an exception to the rule. Almost 42 years old, the brazilian top displays a face devoid of wrinkles, smooth and radiant complexion. If her impeccable lifestyle and healthy diet have a significant role, her complete beauty routine also has its merits. It is in the pages of Vogue France that the wife of American football player Tom Brady reveals all her anti-aging secrets. And of course, we took notes.

Gisele Bündchen: her anti-aging beauty secrets for radiant skin

An international model whose career precedes her, Gisele Bündchen is highly appreciated for her always very positive attitude and her approach to well-being. The mother of two children advocates the use of natural products. We also learned that as a make-up remover she simply used coconut oil. Like what it is sometimes the simplest products that seduce even the most famous.

At the beginning of February, she detailed to Vogue France her beauty routine which changes slightly in the morning and in the evening. The focal point? Relatively natural and pro-active products against skin aging.

Gisele Bündchen’s minimalist beauty routine

Her morning beauty routine begins with cleansing the skin. She then diffuses an aromatherapy mist (with rose or lavender water) on her face. She continues with the Super Potent Serum from Dior. When she’s in Florida, a particularly humid state, she doesn’t end up with moisturizer. A fairly minimalist routine in perfect alignment with his lifestyle.

In the evening, she cleans her face again and applies the same serum. She adds this time a moisturizer and a treatment for the eye contour. From time to time, she exfoliates her skin and applies a mask to deeply hydrate.

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