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the area that we always forget to protect

We’ve said it many times before, but protect your skin rays diffused by the sun is essential. UV rays can be responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, spots, sagging skin, burns and even skin diseases such as Civatte’s poikiloderma or even worse, skin cancer. This is why it is important to protect your skin each daysummer, like winter.

You have finally integrated the Solar cream to your skincare routine? That’s excellent news. On the other hand, are you sure and certain to use it in the right way? Because yes, choosing quality protective care is a good thing. However, it is essential to apply it correctly. And this may not be as simple as it sounds. First, regarding the quantity, it is recommended to apply beforehand on the length of your two fingers (index and middle finger). According to several specialists, this would be the minimum amount to apply to your face for a certain effectiveness.

The skin of the eyelids is thin and delicate

Finally, about the application of sunscreen itself, it is important not to forget any area of ​​the body, but also the face. You probably know this, and yet, just like us, you are certainly missing a rather important part, namely the eyelids. “Because the skin on the eyelids is delicate, people can sometimes be hesitant to apply sunscreen to this area,” explained Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist in New York, to the Huffpost. Since the skin of the eyelids is particularly thin and fragile, the area may be subject to hyperpigmentation or to a sagging skin (droopy eyelids).

This omission can also be due to the fear that the product will run at eye level – which is far from pleasant, it must be admitted. And if generally the sunscreens made for the face have been formulated in such a way as not to irritate the eyes in the event that the product should run, some are not. Before buying SPF care, remember to check that it is suitable for the eye area and therefore the eyelids.

One of the worst skin cancers

Also, if you prefer, it is now possible to find eye contour care incorporating high sun protection. Several brands offer it. Often these products are multifunctional. In addition to protecting the skin from UV rays diffused by the sun, the eye contour cream will target a certain skin problem with an action moisturizing or anti-aging for example.

Skipping the eyelid area when applying our sunscreen is risky, however. “I’ve seen some of the worst skin cancer in the eyelids,” Dr. Karan Lal told Huffpost. “A skin cancer operation in this area is complicated and can cause significant scarring that can lead to chronic dry eyes. I’ve seen people lose all the skin on their lower and upper eyelids to skin cancer.” he concludes. A few words that make you think.

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