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the best couples massage

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to refocus and take advantage of it to take care of your body and mind. Whether alone or accompanied, we do not hesitate to make pleasure with an institute treatment. If Californian massages and others are on the rise, others, more targeted, make it possible to empty also in his head and to rebalance his body. We tell you about Ayurvedic massagea bewitching multisensory experience guided by Marine Gugnalons, trainer at Villa Thalgo.

Ayurvedic massage and Marma therapy: what is it?

More than a simple massage, the Ayurvedic ritual is recognized by the World Health Organization and is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. Ayurveda combines massage, yoga and meditation. This is a method that requires some explanation to grasp it the right way during the first try. Ayurvedic massages rebalance body and mind by unblocking the energy blocked at different “energy crossroads” (marmas).

Stress, anxiety and hectic lifestyle can form tensions that induce functional and/or emotional disorders. Thalgo has therefore developed, with the help of Nordine Meguelatti, a specialist in this type of massage, Marmatherapy. It combines dynamic movements, sometimes heating and others more enveloping. Unlike a Californian or more traditional massage, during the massage “we let go of the contact” explains Marine for with dynamic movements that allow us to “chase away bad energies”.

What are the benefits of Marmatherapy?

“In the short term, you come out of this soothing massage,” says Marine Gugnalons of Villa Thalgo. In addition to being a very pleasant experience, marma therapy can “calm certain inflammations”. There is a real work internally on the organs of the body. This can prevent small benign illnesses and inconveniences in the body”, assures the pro.

In addition, at Villa Thalgo, clients are offered a real educational framework around this method, in addition to giving the details of the manipulations, the practitioners can advise follow-up with methods of breathing, relaxation or even yoga to last. the benefits of massage.

The Indian sea ritual at Villa Thalgo

Villa Thalgo offers a 2-hour Ayurvedic ritual to be performed alone or in a duo cabin. In the program ? A polysensory milk bath to prepare the body for relaxation, a sugar and salt body scrub performed with stimulating movements to the rhythm of relaxing music and finally a one-hour rebalancing massage inspired by marmatherapy.

For each ritual performed at Villa Thalgo, the cost of SPA access is halved. “We advise customers to take advantage of the hammam which is the most suitable before an Ayurvedic ritual”, explains Marine. A sort of gentle preparation for the body and mind for this moment of relaxation.

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