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the best of spring spotted at Mango

Impossible not to remember 1990s/2000sa period during which fashion honored the cult of thinness, eating disorders and took pleasure in prioritizing beauty on the catwalks of fashion shows and other advertising campaigns. We saw it for example through many films inseparable from pop culture like “Clueless”, “The Devil Wears Prada” or “Lolita Despite Me”. God be praised, mores evolve, and fashion with it. From now on, the textile industry wants to convey a decidedly more inclusive message. Even if it means daring the ambition to become a reference sector on inclusion, diversity and tolerance. If this fantasy environment (and still a bit elitist) still has a long way to go to climb on the first step of the podium, it is clear that efforts are observable, especially on the ready-to-wear side which offers more in addition to clothes and accessories designed for all sizes and morphologies. Discover, without further ado, the most beautiful spring pieces spotted at Mangoto shop from XXS to 4XL.

Large size Mango: the most beautiful spring pieces to shop now

This spring 2022, what do you wear to be hot? What motive? What key piece? What color ? What with what? So many questions that the most passionate girls of clothes can regularly ask themselves when the beautiful days end (finally) by replacing the winter greyness. If we still have plenty of time to prepare for the summer, we can already organize your wardrobe for next spring. The idea: invest, for example, in a superb trench coat that you will wear with a nice well-cut white shirt, light mom jeans and a pair of square-toed sandals. To celebrate the return of the sun and its warm rays that are so good for morale, we throw ourselves on the print. Next season’s trend according to Mango is none other than the retro print, inspired by the 1970s. Like an ode to freedom, the one we find after three years of uncertainty due to Covid-19.

Spring 2022 fashion trend: between urban chic and excess of originality

Whatever your morphology, you will find all your happiness at Mango. On the denim side, you have plenty to please you in terms of cuts (flare, bootcut…), colors (raw, colored, light…) and materials (straight, elastic…). A way to be tempted by THE piece that will best meet your fashion expectations for the next season, and why not, to try the iconic item at least once total denim look which smells like spring. Exit preconceptions: this season, we dare combination ! In jeans, colorful in a pink mania way or as fluid as a long dress, it will accompany us to the terrace of our favorite café, to the office and even during an afternoon picnic with friends. We add to that a pair of sunglasses perched on the tip of the nose, the silhouette enhanced by ultra desirable heels. In that vein, 2022 will only have eyes for your irresistible stylistic audacityno matter what the haters say.

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