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the fashion trend approved by Kate Middleton

Because fashion is, and always will be, an eternal restart, it is not uncommon for certain fashion trends from past years to reappear on the red carpet. Between the “butt cleavage” dress identifiable by a stunning bare back inspired by Mireille Darc, the slit dress worn by Carla Bruni and Sharon Stone, or the transparent dress popularized by Emily Ratajkowski when she climbed the steps at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, is another that asserts its legitimacy: the bardot collar dress.

Kate Middleton: + 293% of searches for her “bardot collar” dress

Irresistibly fashionable, Kate Middleton made a very remarkable appearance at the London premiere of the new part of the saga Top Gun. Accompanied by her husband Prince William and Tom Cruise, the future Queen of England stole the show from the American actor, sculpting her V shape in a black and white scoop neck dress, showcasing her shoulder play. Signed Roland Mouret, the creation earned Catherine Middleton the merit of increasing +293% searches for the keywords “bardot dress” +293% in less than 24 hours, depending on the platform Love The Sales. A remarkable score thus premeditating the operational return of this spectacular dress trend.

Bardot collar dress: how to wear it in 2022?

Terribly sensual, the boat neck dress responds to the style of the 1960s, a period during which the French actress Brigitte Bardot claimed to wear this eponymous cut of dress. Combined with bare shoulders, this sartorial hype has the merit of being worn on the fringes of red carpet.

In town, during our free time, we consider the bardot neckline dress with clothes of character. Wedge mules, a sophisticated bag, or sunglasses… In other words, the whole stylistic panoply to respect the rule of less is more : be connected without doing too much

In a relaxed atmosphere, wear it with flip flops, fisherman sandals or trainers, and with a denim jacket if you please. Head to work, in mode business woman activated, we wear the boat-neck dress with dressier pieces. A sober blazer with shoulder pads, a faux leather belt, colorful pumps… This trend invites a thousand and one possibilities.

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