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the fashion trend that will make people envious in 2022

Synonymous even with an excess of chic, the tweed will never have caused so much talk as at the start of the year. And for good reason, long considered attributes of the bourgeois style, the clothes sewn from this carded wool fabric are once again legitimizing themselves at the forefront of the fashion scene, after being denied by fashionistas. From now on, the woman of modern times is no longer content to wear a single tweed dress, but succumbs to ensembles so that she no longer has to choose.

Fashion trends 2022: tweed dresses women’s suits in 2022

Closely related to Gabrielle Chanel known as “Coco”, tweed emancipated itself in the fashion wardrobe of the 1920s, until it invaded the most prestigious fashion shows of our generation. Dior, Saint LaurentArea, and of course Chanel, but also in another register Maje, Claudie Pierlot and Sandro… Tweed is omnipresent, and lines the tailors for women highly rewarding.

On the styling side, our Fashion Journalist recommends mixing a set in tweed with diametrically opposed styles of clothing and accessories. An ideal gimmick to boost the fashion quotient of the tweed suit, by combining it with clothes of different character. spirit white boots seventies sneakers and knee-high socks, cowboy boots, aviator glasses and a rock top… All shots are allowed to paint the most beautiful portrait of tweed outfits.

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