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the good trick to know with this unsuspected tool

The eyebrows are the most important part of the face. Each face has its ideal line. And it must be said that nature often does things well. Whether your eyebrows are provided or not, do not touch your line. You can of course sublimate it, correct it, but in no case modify it. Eyebrows reflect your personality and make a whole face. Just make them thinner or even more arched to transform all your features. But how to easily sublimate your eyebrow line?

For this, you can go directly to a professional. The expert institutes in the art of the eyebrow offer restructuring (this being different from hair removal, which is more of a maintenance). This service is usually performed at the tweezers or to thread for unparalleled precision. The beautician then comes to remove all the hairs that have grown outside the natural line. The result is already surprising and very clear.

The little tool that makes a big difference

Many beauticians are not content to simply enhance your eyebrows using wire or tweezers. Many finish restructuring the line with a tiny pair of scissors. Different from those that we can use to cut nails, these are specially designed for trim eyebrows. Thus, the blades are not curved, but perfectly straight. It’s THE little tool that makes all the difference.

The practitioner uses it to cut hair that is too long protruding from the eyebrow line at the tail. Also, it trims with the head of the eyebrows to structure it and offer a perfectly clean and straight finish. Unfortunately, the eyebrows grow back quickly, and this result is not eternal. However, it is quite possible to maintain this type of restructuring at home for 2 or 3 months; before returning to the beautician for an ultra-precise result.

Cutting your eyebrows at home, the steps to follow

Between two eyebrow waxings at the beautician, you can also pluck the small hairs that protrude from the natural line of your eyebrows. Finally, you can get a small kit that also allows you to cut them. Indeed, several brands offer it for perfect hair removal at home. At Sephora Collection, we find in particular a eyebrow definition kit including a brush and a pair of small straight scissors.

For a homemade eyebrow restructuring, tweeze them using your tweezers, then wet your line to facilitate the next step. Take a bottle brush and brush your hair upwards. Finally, use a pair of special “eyebrow” scissors to cut the a few millimeters protruding from the line keeping the tool straight for a neat result. Take it small to make sure you don’t cut your eyebrows too short.

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