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the hair trend of summer 2022 that we will see everywhere

Every time a new season comes along, it’s the same story: we want to change ! Generally, therefore, we go shopping to redo our wardrobe and shop for the latest trendy fashion pieces. But not only ! It is also a good opportunity to go to the hairdresser to operate a hair change. And if you’re short on inspiration when summer arrives, good news: you’re currently reading the right article.

The hair trends to adopt for thesummer 2022 are numerous. However, hair fashion manages to hold its own and is currently buzzing on social networks. You may have already seen her on Instagram, Pinterest or even TikTok. It’s not a haircut, it’s a coloring. And this is called ” iced coffee (in French, “iced coffee”).

Iced Coffee: an improved version of the “Expensive Brunette” coloring

The name alone sounds like the perfect summer hair color. And wait until you know more…we’re sure you’ll fall for it. The British magazine Stylist approached a famous English hairdresser to find out what, according to him, would be the greatest coloring trends of summer 2022. Among those that will be the most fashionable: the color “Iced Coffee”. But what does it really correspond to?

A few months ago, everyone was talking about the “Expensive Brunette” hair color. According to Tom Smith, the color “Iced Coffee” is an improved version of this previous trend. It brings shades slightly cold and an effect of volume to the hair. Your hairdresser can then play with tones caramel and coffee more or less clear.

A trendy color made for me?

Ideal for brunettes looking to bring a luminous touch to their hair before summer, the “Iced Coffee” coloring offers beautiful reflections and lightens the lengths in a subtle way. As a bonus, it structures hair lacking in volume and a bit flattened.

You have the light hair ? In this case, and always on the recommendations of Tom Smith, favor other color trends for this summer 2022. Succumb for example to a beautiful platinum blonde! A color that will particularly enhance long hair.

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