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the incredible trick to find the perfect lipstick shade

Pink, blue or orange undertones… to each what suits him best, but it’s not always easy to find THE shade that matches perfectly with our skin tone. The color that will give us looking good even with a few hours of sleep in the system.

Fortunately, for tips and tricks of all kinds, you can always count on the large community present on TikTok. And this time some think they have found the solution that will solve this question. In addition, it is very likely that you already have all the products in your beauty bag! We show you.

Lipstick: how to find the ideal shade?

In terms of cosmetics and beauty trends, the rules change every day. The proof with this technique to find lipstick that comes out of nowhere. The influencer Yokenzie reveals in her video a surprising technique to find the perfect lipstick shade. The products used are what challenged the rest of the web.


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Indeed, she uses an eyebrow pencil and a blush as well as a little gloss. The beautysta explains her unique technique: the eyebrow pencil traces the contour and the blush fills in the lips. She finishes the application with a bit of transparent gloss for a result straight out of the 2000s. Except here, for those with dark eyebrows and fair skin, the result can quickly be much too dark. Yokenzie still responds to try and see for yourself the result.

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