Wednesday, February 16, 2022

updated on Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Despite myopia and wearing glasses, it is quite possible to wear makeup easily without straining your eyesight. Here is THE solution unearthed on the networks.

How? ‘Or’ What make up in the morning without making a killing ? This is the question that must be asked by many people who can’t see without glasses. Fortunately, the Internet has the solution for you. We show you.

When one is myopic and glasses are required at any time of the day to be able to function normally, putting on make-up can be a real challenge. We all know the concentration that applying liner requires or even drawing a straight line of eyebrows, so when you don’t see clearly the ordeal is all the more complicated. And since we can’t all have a make-up artist available every day, we can always count on the Internet community to find solutions to our little everyday problems.

How to make up easily with glasses?

Does your myopia sometimes block you from achieving more sophisticated makeup looks and do you even face this problem on a daily basis for light makeup? Rose.friederike on TikTok reveals a trick that we would have liked to think of much earlier: the monocle or the glasses that change from one eye to the other to facilitate precision makeup.

On her video, the beautysta starts making her makeup with the glasses on her right eye and then simply tilts it to the left when it’s time to do the second.
The worst: these glasses have been available for a while but very little known to the crowds. In addition, they are very affordable and help out the time to perfect your makeup.

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