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the inexpensive color she uses for her red hair

At 44, Audrey Fleurot is still as beautiful as ever. What do we envy him the most? its amazing flamboyant hair. Her iconic red is her signature and until now, no one knew her secret to such beautiful hair. Muse for the Eau Thermale Jonzac brand and star of the HPI series broadcast on TF1, Audrey Fleurot is naturally redhead. However, she has a little secret for such a radiant shade.

It was during an interview given to feminine that the French actress revealed her secret. She even surprised by admitting that she did not owe her pretty color to her hairdresser, but to herself. “I do my little color all alone in my corner” she revealed. Incredible but true, Audrey Fleurot does her coloring alone at home. “In fact, I reinforce my natural color (red) which has faded a little over the past ten years” she clarified. “My redhead has cleared up and is turning a little Strawberry blonde which depresses me a bit”.

A care color at 13 euros

So, to find its coloring before and its deep red, she bets on a vegetable coloring at a low price. She specified using a product of the brand Lagoon ; the “tone on tone” coloring treatment in shade 040 Cold Flame Copper available at the price of 13 euros on Amazon. Organic and veganthis coloring is not very aggressive for the hair since it integrates avocado oil and vegetable proteins into its formulation.

An important benefit of the product for Audrey Fleurot who pays great attention to her hair and heal as much as possible to preserve them. “I take great care of them because they are in high demand on film sets and photo shoots” she told Madame Figaro. To pamper her lengths, she prefers products from the Leonor Greyl brand.

Audrey Fleurot’s favorite hair care products

These are his favorites! She therefore has a habit of using the Jasmine Flower Mask. Ideal for fine, dry hair, this treatment nourishes the hair fiber to leave lengths soft, supple, shiny and fragrant. Sold at a price of 48 euros, it would do real little miracles according to the various opinions posted on the Sephora or even Nocibé sites.

Finally, the second product that she particularly appreciates, the Invigorating Tonic. A hair spray with multiple benefits. “I spray (…) then I leave them alone when I don’t need to do my hair” she explained to Madame Figaro. In addition to facilitating styling, Leonor Greyl’s Invigorating Tonic enriched with 95% natural ingredients fights against hair loss and promotes growth.

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