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the mistake we all make before exposing ourselves to the sun

The sun is again pointing the tip of its nose and temperatures are starting to rise again. Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. We then want to take advantage of the good weather and make the pancake. However, we do not teach you anything: the UV rays diffused by the sun can be harmful to our skin. Without sun protection, we expose ourselves to pigment spots, wrinkles, serious burns or even skin cancer. Thus, it is important to always have the right reflexes before going to sunbathe.

Tanning, yes, but taking care of a lot of things. And the Solar cream is not the only gesture to keep in mind. There are several mistakes we can make before exposure, such as applying a serum that incorporates fruit acids (photosensitizing active ingredients) into its composition. Even more common: perfume your skin before going to sunbathe. This habit may seem quite innocuous, yet it is not. Far from there !

Wearing perfume in the sun: the risks

Fragrances are made up of different photosensitizing ingredients. In other words, they expose the skin to dangers, even greater than simple UV rays, such as irritations, burns or other skin diseases. “Spraying perfume (…) on your chest or neck before going out in the sun can cause a skin condition called Civatte’s poikilodermaexplains dermatologist Chanele Rosa to The Sun.

But what exactly is Civatte’s poikiloderma? It is a disease characterized by pigmentation and depigmentation of the epidermis. While some areas of the skin lighten, others darken. The appearance (of the skin) becomes mottled” says Chanele Rosa. This skin disease is also often accompanied by itching.

Alternatives to “classic” perfumes

As a bonus, the perfumes are highly concentrated in alcohol. An ingredient that accentuates even more the ravages of the sun on our skin. You will therefore have understood: it is important not to perfume yourself with “classic” perfumes before going to sunbathe. However, it is not forbidden to use fragrances specially formulated so that they can be worn in the sun.

In fact, there is now non-photosensitizing fragrances which can be applied before an exhibition. Take a look at the bottles, you can find the words “non-photosensitizing” or “can be worn in the sun”. For our part, we recommend, for example, scented waters with very fresh notes: Extraordinary Water from Clarins or Delicious Perfumed Water from Nuxe Sun. Finally, option No. 2 : turn to deliciously smelling sunscreens such as Coola Guava Mango Sun Spray SPF30 or La Rosée Coconut-Vanilla Scented Sun Milk SPF50.

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