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the most beautiful shoes spotted at Mango

Which shoe at a wedding? What color ?

The most difficult challenge when one is invited to a wedding, especially when you’re a real fashionista at heart: above all, don’t overshadow the bride and groom. If nothing prevents you from dressing as you see fit, a few golden rules must however be respected. The first is very clearly in the choice of colors : exit white, generally reserved for the bride or the groom. From clothes to accessories, take advantage of this opportunity to display palettes that you don’t necessarily dare to wear in normal times. We also abandon the idea of ​​appearing in total black look, a color (which is not one) much too sad for an event as joyful as a wedding ceremony. And on the side of the shoes, we dare to be sexy. Don’t forget that a wedding is also an opportunity for singles to meet their twin flame, so you might as well put the odds on your side. It is at Mango that you will find the most irresistible and colorful ceremonial shoes, at affordable prices.

Which shoe for a summer wedding: medium brown strappy sandals

Buying shoes for an event as important as a wedding is one thing. But this purchase becomes a real investment if the shoes in question can also be worn on a daily basis, in the city or in the office. This is somewhat the case with strappy sandals with medium brown Mango heel. Funnel heel, round toe, strap closure…worn with a beautiful dress above the knees, they automatically lengthen the legs and promise you an unforgettable look.

Wedding 2022: green metallic leather sandals

100% leather, metallic effect, suspender pattern…can you get more festive than the Mango green metallic leather sandals ? Hardly, we must admit. Taken from the celebrations and ceremonies collection, these shoes with their square toe and stiletto heel will make as much a sensation on the dance floor than on your most beautiful Instagram photo. To wear them well, we recommend a flowing dress (short or long) with seventies motifs, and some regressive jewelry in the same colors.

Wedding summer 2022: sandals with straps and coral heel

In the great classics of the family of pumps, we find models in red tones. Adored by girls looking for a femme fatale look, the red heeled shoe always has its effect during an event. At Mango, treat yourself to the model deep coral in 10 centimeter heels, currently at the sweet price of 39.99 euros. At this price, it is allowed to be tempted.

Summer wedding shoes: sandals with straps and metallic red heel

Want a rock’n’roll silhouette to honor your best friend’s wedding? It all comes down to choosing a pair of shoes in this vein. One thinks here, as if it were necessary to specify it, with the strappy sandals with metallic red heel. Ultimate obsession for the lacing game at the heel and toe, and, of course, for the incredible color of the shoe. Under the summer sun, we will only see you.

Ceremonial heeled shoes: neon green heeled leather sandals

Is your personality more flamboyant than discreet? Are you Aries, Leo or Sagittarius? You will inevitably melt in front of the neon green heeled leather sandals. As imagined for strong heads, these great evening shoes enhance the colors of an outfit. Our advice: do not hesitate to associate them with clothes of a completely different color, such as yellow or blue.

Wedding heels 2022: sandals with straps and pink heel

Less pointed but just as charming, we like strappy sandals with pink heel Mango. Square toe, simple straps, these dress shoes perched on 7 centimeter heels have only one objective: to bring a boost to a sober outfit. The detail that makes the difference: the python material, for a significant touch of sensuality.

Dressing for a wedding: lilac-heeled strappy sandals

For several years now, high heels with straps have been a must-have trend as soon as summer approaches. So inevitably, a wedding is the right event to capture the trend and show off your most beautiful strappy shoes. We love: Mango lilac strappy sandalscoil heel.

Footwear trend 2022: seashell sandals with heel

On the abandoned beach, shells and crustaceans. But also heeled shoes studded with ultra desirable shells. For a ceremonial look accompanied by a summer twist, we recommend the Mango seashell heeled sandals. Wear them with a dress fishnet (fishnet), or a fringed dress for a stunning mermaid silhouette.

Pump trends: shiny heeled sandals

For lovers of 2000s fashion, you will literally fall for the Mango shiny heeled sandals. Available in several colors (lilac, fuchsia, black, candy pink and orange), they have the power to satisfy the expectations of any girl looking for bling-chic accessories. How to wear them well? With a fluid jumpsuit with feather ornaments.

What sandals for a wedding? Heeled vinyl sandals

Want to flirt with the fashion trends of the 1990s during a wedding or a ceremony? It is at Mango that you will find the best shoes in the theme. We are thinking here of vinyl heeled sandals, available on the Mango shopping site for less than 50 euros. We like: the transparent design and the funnel heel, so chic.

Braided shoe trend: salmon braided heeled shoes

The braided is such a powerful trend that we see it everywhere. Both on clothing and interior and exterior decoration, including the world of jewelry. And on the side of accessories, this style is not left out. crush for the salmon woven heel shoes Mango, divine with their pointed end. Our advice: wear them with a pretty salmon empire dress and retro sunglasses.

2000s trend: feather leather sandals

“My feather thing”, sang Zizi Jeanmaire in the 1960s. And you, what is your feather thing? Why not, when approaching a wedding, a pretty pair of open sandals decorated with feathers? That’s all that Mango offers you this season with its 100% leather and feather sandals super desirable. Slightly curved heel, square toe and pastel green, they will make you a party girl at the top of the trends.

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