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“The most beautiful twins in the world” turned 12 this year, they have changed a lot

When they were only 7 years old, Ava and Leah were propelled and became real little stars. On Instagram, their first publications caused a sensation. And for good reason, the beauty of their faces was striking: blue eyes, blond hair, dark skin. Very quickly, the twins accumulated a lot of “likes” and a huge number of subscribers. “At 6 months, they already had 150,000 subscribers” clarified their mother Jaqui in an interview with buzzfeed. Today, their Instagram account counts almost 2 million subscribers.

Beauty is in the family! Kevin and Jaqui Clements were already working in the field of modeling. Now it’s their two daughters Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements who stole the show. Jaqui Clements gave birth to the twins in 2010. She quickly wanted to sign a modeling agency contract for them. Eventually, she reversed this decision by abandoning the idea.

The double life of the most beautiful twins in the world

Years passed and finally the girls joined a modeling agency. Considered as “the most beautiful twins in the world”, Leah Rose and Ava Marie chain partnerships and advertising campaigns. But no question of abandoning school. “We prepare all collaborations done for brands on Instagram on the weekend or right after school so that the twins never have to miss any class” their mother told Buzzfeed.

Aged this year 12 years, the twins are off to a good start. Of course, it is Jaqui who masterfully manages this success. The mother then juggles with the various content requested by the agencies and the Instagram account of Leah Rose and Ava Marie. At this time, young teenage girls do not have access to this account. instagram and only very rarely contact their subscribers. However, they sometimes do lives on social networks to exchange with them.

The growing success of Ava and Leah

Over the years, Jaqui has become an expert in social networks. She knows exactly what Instagram’s algorithm likes. According to her, to develop your account, it is essential to publish regularly (at least once a day), to use the right hashtags and finally to have nice pictures. “Whether you take them yourself or go through a professional, the more unique and eye-catching the photo is, the more likely you are to get reposted, which leads to more hits and more followers.” she recounted.

Still just as popular, the “most beautiful twins in the world” share their outfits, their activities… in short, their daily lives almost daily. And it pleases given the commitment of their community in the comments. Leah Rose and Ava Marie are to follow closely. Like Thylane Blondeau considered the “most beautiful little girl in the world” and today a model, the twins could very soon become the rising stars of tomorrow’s fashion.

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