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the most breathable (and hot) Mango clothes

Rising temperatures: the most beautiful dresses of the season

Short or long, flowing or rather tight… whatever its cut, the dress remains the ideal anti-heat partner. First, because it allows the legs and upper body to remain in the open air, and thus prevents its wearer from suffocating in excess fabric. Also, because patterns and colors offered by the brands at the approach of the hot seasons make you want to go on vacation. This season is at Mango that the most desirable models of the season are to be found. We offer you three different pieces here, but each one is able to protect you from perspiration during peak temperatures.

We like, for example, printed dress with openings for its sexy and elegant side, which can be worn with a thin linen jacket and a pair of sandals. Tight at the waist and hips, its openings and thin straps ensure an airy silhouette. Also in love with the openwork knit dress. Ultra trendy, this dress taken from the vibe fishnet (fishing net) can be worn in the office as well as on the beach. It’s hard to find cooler here than this model, which is characterized by a generous mesh fabric. Finally, it is impossible to miss a Mango exclusive in limited edition: ruched detail floral dress. In a sweet pink, this long and flowing dress is taken from the wardrobe romantic and cottagecore, specific to the atmosphere found in the hit Netflix series “The Chronicle of the Bridgertons”. Its little extras? Its floral print and its puffed sleeves to wear on or below the shoulders.

Printed dress with openings

Printed dress with openings



High heat: we favor linen

It’s not easy to find more thermal and sovereign than linen. Material ultra comfortable and light as possible, it adapts to all temperatures and regulates that of the body. This is the reason why many tourists, when traveling in very hot countries, only wear clothes made of this material. At Mango, several linen pieces are therefore offered to customers. We retain two for their ultra canon side and the colors in tune with the times. The first one : a 100% linen jumpsuit. Fuchsia, this one comes in a long, straight cut (which adapts to all body types). Sleeveless and with its V-neck, we advise you to wear it with shoes and accessories in orange tones, for an ultra-fashionable tangy look. Another object of desire: the linen dress with bright yellow opening. Simple but effective, it stands out with its bare back, its short cut marked at the waist and its puffed sleeves tightened at the ends. With a pair of mules and a raffia tote bag, the divine summer silhouette is yours…and effortlessFrench-style.

100% linen jumpsuit

100% linen jumpsuit



Rising temperatures: the perfect footwear

As for shoes, we avoid heels that are too high. Indeed, during a heat wave, the body tends to sweat. The feet therefore slide more easily in this type of shoe, which makes walking very uncomfortable. We opt instead for smaller heels, flat or compensated. The trendiest models of spring-summer 2022 are currently at Mango. To appropriate a solar attitude par excellence, we head towards studded leather sandals, like clogs. Because yes, believe it or not, but the clog is a trend resolutely in tune with the times. Worn with well-cut, high-waisted white linen pants and a small white tank top, the result will be irresistible. Just as fashionable, we love the crochet panel sandals. Cotton and linen blend fabric, crochet detail, round toe…these sandals have everything to please and appreciate rediscovering the bare feet that we missed so much. More classic, but oh so elegant, the leather strappy sandals remain a timeless hot season. At Mango, we love the softness of the 100% leather model, flat and with a round toe. With a frayed denim skirt and a light shirt tied at the navel, they are the perfect shoes for going out dressed without suffocating.

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