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the most sensual fashion trend of the summer

A stylistic attribute of women for generations and generations, the dress holds its festival every year, as soon as the summer season looms. Long or short, wraparound or asymmetrical, monochrome or speckled with prints of all kinds, this iconic fashion piece can be reinterpreted in a thousand and one ways to embrace all feminine curves and suit all styles.

All in all, what would summer be without its share of novelties, and fashion trends deciphered by our Journalist? This year, the materials become fluid and breathe a wind of lightness so that the dresses take shape. Wallet, empire, cut out, split… What is this dress cut that fashionistas have chosen to mark the spirits before, during, and after the holidays?

Summer dress 2022: here is why the buttoned dress is essential

Let’s be clear that it is not a question of a simple shirt-dress, but of a buttoned dress decorated with buttons coordinated with the fabric used to make the model. What do we like? Being able to partially or excessively unbutton our dress, in order to acclimatize to summer without being too hot or too cold.

Having become the watchword of the most fashionable ready-to-wear brands of the moment, the button-up dress is the piece of evidence that does not require an alibi to be brought. Thus, for the summer, let’s dig deliberately into the Sézane, Sessùn, Rouje, Réalisation and Reformation locker rooms, each of which offers perfect reinterpretations of button-up dress.

How to wear a long dress with buttons?

Simply with everything that our summer wardrobe should contain. Starting with flat sandals, or espadrilles, as well as babies with heels for a preppy touch. On the arms or around the neck, we adorn ourselves with golden jewels worn in accumulation. Finally, to survive the cooling of summer evenings, the best alternative is to combine our buttoned dress with a denim jacket, or a deliberately oversized blazer with rolled up sleeves.

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