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the new 2022 beauty trend seen on TikTok to fight acne!

Because the beauty sphere is experiencing spectacular technological advances, it is not uncommon to find that many innovative techniques are generally inspired by the most ancestral. This is particularly the case for the cryotherapy, which consists in treating the skin by cold for centuries, and which ensures to smooth cellulite, to disgorge swollen eyes, but also and above all which refresh the complexion. A tip that has proven itself, and that has not failed to inspire the arrival of a new beauty trend that responds to the name ” Ice globes “.

“Ice Globes”: the new 2022 beauty trend to fight skin imperfections thanks to the cold

Spotted on TIC Tac, this beauty phenomenon has really become popular since the end of 2021. And for good reason, from November to December, the keywords “skin care” Where “skin care”Generated more than 67.8 billion views on the platform adored by GenZ. Among the many possibilities, it is just a tool beauty singular which has managed to succeed, these famous Ice globes. And for good reason, the peak of interest increased by + 194% on Google Trends during this same period, and by + 97% on the referring search engine. Stylight about the brand Skin Gym. And the least we can say is that requests for “Cryocicles” games promise to be all the more efficient in 2022.

Because as surprising as it may seem given the simplicity of face ice globes, however, this is an unexpected beauty treatment, which must have been thought of. The major assets? The Ice globes wake up tired and dull skin, while plumping it and giving it the benefits of benefits of cold released by the frozen liquid contained in the small spheres, which are placed in the freezer for 30 minutes before use.

The idea? Massage the face using Ice globes in rolling movements from the forehead, to the cheeks to reach the neck for 2 to 6 minutes. The goal ? Reduce signs ofacne, the inflammations and the skin imperfections. But be careful to be sure to clean the scoops of alcohol ice cream after you finish, as the experts recommend. Fast, simple and efficient, what more could you ask for?

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