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The playsuit becomes the sportswear trend that adapts to all body types

Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Lily Rose Depp, Kim Kardashian, and Now Kendall Jenner, the most influential celebrities of our generation have their feet screwed on the starting block ready to launch an unprecedented fashion trend: the ctight romper. Yet attached to a gymwear aesthetic that shapes it, this sportswear is gradually shedding its utilitarian functions by wearing just as well on multiple occasions.

Summer fashion 2022: how to wear this trendy playsuit?

Those bitten by athleisure syndrome should rejoice to find that wearing the playsuit inspired by sport is now authorized, even recommended, in the city. This one-piece sports uniform that spans the trunk and upper thighs, adapts to all occasions and appears to consist of a cycling shorts signature, and a close-fitting bodysuit. It is therefore hardly surprising that this playsuit singular please so much.

During indoor training, the playsuit tight-fitting is envisaged with the great classics of the gymwear wardrobe, like white or at least immaculate sneakers, an organic cotton vest, and a pair of matching socks.

As for a street-style city outing, let’s take inspiration from models and a whole armada of stars who have already succumbed to the summer fashion trend. The watchword of our Fashion Journalist? The cool attitude. In other words, let’s combine our playsuit with clothes that will contrast with its simplicity. Among the pieces that do the job are the blazer with shoulder pads whose build structures the cut of the jumpsuit, mules with heels but also, depending on the mood, flat or wedge sneakers as the fashionistas brought them back from Coachella. The set is underlined by a handbag with a hobo or baguette spirit to bring an extra touch of style.

Which playsuit should I choose according to my morphology?

The advantage with playsuit is that it embraces and magnifies all silhouettes. Whatever our measurements, our weight or our style, this sporty garment adapts to all stylistic desires. All in all, if certain complexes persist, it is possible to transform them into real morphological assets on the condition of betting on the playsuit cut most precisely adapted to our body shapes to enhance them all the more.

A promise of unparalleled freedom of movement, the tight playsuit is preferred more black or colored and fluid, if one wishes to camouflage some superfluous curves at the level of the stomach. If we have a slim waist and wide hips, the perfect alternative is to bet on a model fitted at the waist so as to balance the silhouette. For enhance wide thighs and thick or muscular legs the best ally is a low-cut playsuit, decorated with embroidery, ruffles, patterns, or any other element at chest level to create an optical illusion. If our shoulders are broad let’s bet on a cut with thin straps so as not to draw too much attention to the build, and create a perfect balance. Likewise, if we have a small chesta plunging neckline frees the bust, while a straight or bardot collar will flatter a strong chest.

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