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the result of its comparison is unexpected

To claim beautiful skin, two steps are essential: cleansing and moisturizing. And if we just ask a good cleanser to remove all the impurities accumulated on our face – which is rather easy to find – we have much more expectations of our moisturizer. Of course, it is important that it hydrates the skin properly, but not only! We also expect our day cream to be adapted to our type (oily, combination, normal, dry, etc.) and problematic skin (dehydrated, wrinkles, acne, etc.).

As you will have understood, it is not easy to get your hands on THE cream that will perfectly match our skin and our expectations. Moreover, the offer is huge. There are a multitude of different treatments. So which one to turn to exactly for perfect efficiency and the best sensoriality? A cream for only 1 euro or a luxury moisturizer for several hundred euros? A price translate the effectiveness of a cream? To find out for sure, an employee of the Daily Mail decided to try a funnyexperience. That of testing two treatments at very different prices on your face at the same time. For a month, Claire Cisotti applied the famous Nivea Blue Cream (€1.95 for 100ml) on his left cheek then the La Mer cream (€492 for 100ml) on his right cheek. She shared her story on the British newspaper’s website.

Nivea VS La Mer: a comparison followed by an expert

As a reminder, the Nivea cream promises intense hydration for soft and nourished skin thanks to a rich formula. For its part, La Mer highlights a moisturizing action, but above all anti-aging. The La Mer Intense Regeneration Cream would then reduce wrinkles and fine lines, in particular with a complex of marine algae.

Before starting this test, Claire Cisotti carried out an assessment with a dermatologist. At the start of the experiment, his skin was quite dehydrated and presented some wrinkles, fine lines and a slight rosacea. The first week of use, it is clear that the result on these two cheeks is more or less the same. Both sides of her face are very smooth. Claire Cisotti simply specifies that the right part (La Mer) may have a little less redness. The second week begins with a bad surprise. A few small pimples appear on the right side of his nose (La Mer), then disappear after a few days. “I don’t see much difference between the two sides of my face, but you can consider that (for a cream that only costs 1 euro) it’s amazing how well the Nivea works” she specifies in her shared article on the DailyMail.

Nivea blue cream, the perfect dupe of La Mer?

Week 3. Claire Cisotti is already halfway through her experience and has a preference. “I examine my face closely with a mirror and I believe that the wrinkles on the left side (Nivea) are a little less visible around the eye area and my skin is plumper too” she says. To make sure she doesn’t get the wrong idea, the Brit asks all of her colleagues which half of her face looks the best. “Everyone said the left side. (…) No one chose the Crème de la Mer side” Claire Cisotti is surprised.

In the last week, she finds that both creams have worked well. So much that even her sister thought she had Botox injections. But then, what do the experts say? After 1 month of diligent application, Claire Cisotti again went to see a specialist to have her skin examined. Verdict? “According to the dermatologist’s analysis, the “Nivea” side obtained the best results. He says the left side of my face – where I used Nivea – retained better moisture. Also, my redness has diminished and some of the fine lines around my eyes have disappeared,” she explains. The expert even estimates that on the side of Nivea, the skin seems to look 5 years younger. Like what, the price in no way defines the quality of a cosmetic treatment! According to this experience, the famous blue cream from Nivea would therefore be even better than that from La Mer.

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