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the shoe trend that lengthens and refines the legs

At the turn of summer, it is not uncommon – if not quite common – for the modosphere to be overwhelmed by a wave of news fashion trends. However, who says trend, does not necessarily say never seen, since the fashion sphere has a habit of plunging back into the archives of past eras to reclaim clothes and accessories that have known their hour of glory. Even more surprisingly, fashion pros don’t hesitate to divert certain pieces from their primary functions by wearing them in a way that had never been thought of before. Facts that are confirmed by the arrival with great fanfare of a legendary shoe: the flip flops.

Flip-flops: the star shoes of the Fashion Week shows

Long classified in the category of prohibited clothing and relegated to swimming, flip flops thus restore their image by becoming veritable pieces of fashion evidence. How did this become possible? Thanks to the various luxury houses that have captured the stylistic potential of these pool slides, and upgraded their Y2K aesthetics. On the catwalks of the Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week, Chanel, Chloé, Coperni, Act N.1, MSGM or even the Budapest Select label claim to wear flip flops with one exception. To make progress towards the shoe trend of the moment, only the platform flip flops enter the competition.

Platform flip flops: the most fashionable shoe trend for summer 2022

Equipped with a wedge sole, upholstered in genuine or synthetic leather, ropes or rubber, city flip-flops offer a thousand and one possibilities to women looking to satisfy their thirst for fashion. Although the flip flops reference remains Havaianasthe Brazilian brand specializing in the production of flip flops since 1962, more and more brands have captured the interest of the general public.

Wedge flip flops: why do they lengthen the legs?

With the rustic charm that they retain despite everything, the platform flip flops combine the good points both stylistically and morphological. And for good reason, their high and clumsy appearance allows them tolengthen and refine the legs fashionistas who wear them. An undeniable asset, not to mention that these city flip flops combine comfort and practicality, even stealing the show from trainers during the heat wave.

How to wear flip flops in town?

To give credibility to these post-pedicure shoes on the macadam, it is better to wear them with clothes of character. In other words, with clothes and accessories that provide an elegant touch to wedge flip-flops. In extreme heat in the city, let’s opt for a combo of flip-flops, a tied t-shirt, a baguette bag and a slit pencil skirt, which will subtly reveal your legs.

Direction the seaside or swimming pool, the wedge flip flops Pair with a swim skirt, tankini or pareo and a strappy bikini top for extra style.

As for work, let’s pair our platform flip flops with a women’s suit oversized, a crop top, a crop top or a thick tailoring-inspired shirt. Try these looks and you too will join the 90s fashion pro club.

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