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the shoe trend that refines the legs

In the game of fashion, we will not be taken to war. Once controversial, an ancestral version of the flat sandals begins a comeback with great fanfare at the turn of May to June 2022. Worthy heirs to Birkenstocks and dad shoes quilted shoes reissued by Chanel last summer, the fisherman sandals return to the feet of fashionistas.

Summer 2022 shoes: the return of dad sandals

Long rejected by society, these gladiator shoes finally gain credibility, to the point of ensuring the protection of women who lead various clothing battles. Among them, the Spanish designer Blanca Miró, and the girlboss of blogger Leandra Medine, who are helping convert their Instagram community to jumping on the fisherman trend, by fishing out these sandals.

A certain legitimation for these massive shoes, which we owe in part to the duo of twin sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, who in past seasons proudly reinterpreted fisherman sandals in the name of their brand The Row. What to propel the fisherman’s shoes figurehead of the various stylistic sailboats, until sailing towards the summer 2022 fashion trends.

Fisherman sandals: from functional shoes to fashion accessory

With a regressive charm, the fisherman sandals impose their style. Enhanced by a thick or even platform sole, these open shoes are distinguished primarily by their similarity to the Medusa, these beach shoes plastic, which bring us back to our childhood memories. From now on, fisherman sandals attest to a return to basics, and testify to the practical aspect that fashion favors more than ever. A trend approved by the chloe house during Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week, leading fisherman sandals to set course, and secure a high-ranking spot, in the fashion guide. summer fashion trends.

Fisherman sandals: where to find the shoe trend for summer 2022?

Bolder, more couture than past seasons, the fisherman sandals prove that brands are not lacking in creativity. Soberly stylized, monochrome or all in black, white or beige leather, these open shoes just as well receive a note of vitaminized color.

In neon green and pop pink by Marni, in mimosa yellow by Angulus, or even metallic by Bimba Y Lola, these dad shoes take height just as well in order to ensure slender legs to whom wear them. On our wish list? Ted Baker fisherman sandals, identifiable by a 5.5 cm platform sole, a flower-shaped clasp, as well as signature leather bands. Something to respond to, as a bonus, to the shoe trend of Bratz which has been discussed since the beginning of the year.

How to wear fisherman sandals?

Simply with a style overdose. And for good reason, in order to eclipse their utilitarian aesthetics, the best alternative goes through eye-catching fashion pieces. In other words, we combine the fisherman sandals with clothing and accessories of character, like a Jean jacket or a shoulder pad blazer, a long dress with slits or a fishing net-style crochet, not forgetting the handbag touch. A sophisticated baguette bag, or a tote bag for exploring the city asphalt, or even a wicker basket for sailing to the beach. No offense to some, fisherman’s sandals can be worn in all circumstances.

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