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the shoe trend that will be unanimous in 2022

While we could expect to have already made the tour of the desire objects of the end of the year 2021, here is an ultimate fashion trend is doing well. His name? The Chunky chain, known in previous seasons to punctuate the handbags with chains and chains as delicate as oversized, echoing the style of the 80s.

Because it is in real must have of that time, that the chains in the form of mastoc necklaces, then become the symbol of the hip-hop generation, to finally find a minimalist allure of the 90s. And if today their dimensions juggle between the two sizes, its usefulness is quite different.

Chunky Chain shoes: the fashion trend that we will see everywhere in 2022

Now it’s not just a question of wearing chains around our necks, but on our shoes. Proof of this is that it is the shoes’ turn to dress with these same jewels. An innovative aesthetic that we owe in part to visionary fashion designer Jonathan Anderson, who is offering a whole line of accessories this season to chain for its eponymous brand. Desire objects? Leather mules, which dare to be extravagant by adorning themselves with falsely intertwined XXL rings.

Spearheading the success of these JW Anderson chain shoes, fashionistas have since acquired a multitude of chunky chain shoes which follow in the footsteps of the trend. On this list? The Lui Jo, Minelli and Sandro chunky boots, or the Florens moccasins, which add up many good points to become the stars of tomorrow. Demonstrations.

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