Tuesday, December 14, 2021

updated on Tuesday 14 December 2021

Après-ski boots: the shoe trend that will prevent us from going off-piste in 2022

Notice to fashionistas who want to pick up speed in terms of style, without going off-piste. We are witnessing the operational return of après-ski boots, which are reaching new heights by no longer being worn only in winter sports, but in town. Our advice? Make a whole schuss to get yourself a pair.

We bet we would not succumb to the trend, but we must admit that by praising after-skis, our opinion has changed a lot. The reason ? The arrival with great fanfare of these comfortable and cold insulating boots, which have buried social networks since an armada of fashion experts succumbed. From Chloé Harrouche aka @louloudesaison, via the Scandinavian Annabel Rosendahl or Lisa Olsson… All bloggers and stylists are rallying to the good cause to elect this pair of rustic shoes as the essential model for any wardrobe shoe.

Moon Boot, UGG… The après-ski boots that will take us to new heights

The change this year? It is no longer just a question of reserving the port of after-skis to distinguished sportswomen, but to authorize it to all women who wish to prove that fashion knows them. The models we need to acquire? Snow shoes born from the collaboration between labels Chloe and Moon Boot, who are experiencing a real peak of interest on the Internet (+ 155% increase in clicks from October to November) according to the search engine Stylight. In the same vein, our fashion team recommends that lovers of sartorial thrills that you are, to seize UGG après ski boots (+ 88%), but also shoes sketched by Mango and Zara, which you will not be able to do without. And neither do we.

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