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the simple trick of this dressing table that really works

We all have hair that greases more or less quickly. If you’re one of those people whose mane only needs one or two shampoos a week, you’re one of the lucky ones. Indeed, some have no choice but to wash their hair every other day, or even every day ! To delay cleaning as much as possible, you can opt for a dry shampoo, however, nothing beats the combo water + “real” shampoo.

But here it is, first of all it takes a lot of time between cleaning, care and drying. And second, it’s a vicious circle. The more you wash your hair, the faster it will get greasy. But then, how to get out of it? Well, in the end, it’s much simpler than we might have thought. Amy, a hairstylist on TikTok, shared with her community her best solution for ultra-efficient hair washing. A ideal method for people with oily hair.

A method used by hairdressers How to wash your hair like a pro #hairwashday #hairtips #hairtutorial #hairdresserreacts #haircare #fyp ♬ Saturday Night – Radio Edit – Whigfield

The expert’s video created the buzz. Today, it has more than a million views, 56,000 “likes” and loads of comments. But then what is this miraculous trick? In the video shared several months ago by the young woman, we learn the important steps to follow to clean the hair like a pro.

First stage ? Wet your hair. So far, nothing extraordinary. During this time, you can pour the amount of shampoo you will need into your hands. Spread the product all over your scalp. “Massage the skull with your fingertips. Do not forget the roots and the neck” she specifies. “Rinse. Repeat”. Yes, Amy recommends doing two shampoos one after the other to perfectly clean the hair, the scalp and to remove all the accumulated impurities.

“My hair stays clean longer”

On the other hand, for the second shampoo, focus on the scalp. Then use the foam to work down to the ends, then rinse! Of course, whether your hair is dry or oily, it is essential to take care of your lengths with a conditioner. Amy recommends applying conditioner to the ends, avoiding the roots. Leave for a minute or two and rinse with cold water if you can do it”.

This technique professional is quite easy to replicate at home. And obviously, it really works. Indeed, this is the method used by hairdressers. In addition, several Internet users were able to test it after watching this video. And these did not disappoint. “I tried and indeed my hair stays clean longer”, “I have oily hair and I saw the difference by cleaning my hair twice”, “I tested and my hair is great clean”, can we read in comment. A new TikTok trick to try!

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