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the singer transformed by cosmetic surgery

Almost twenty years after winning the New starMyriam Abel is unrecognizable, as viewers could see this Tuesday, May 17 in The 10 shows we miss the most on C8.

The singer, who came to recount her memories of the famous telecrochet, surprised her fans. And for good reason, the interpreter of Given has changed a lot since its inception.

Myriam Abel unrecognizable: Internet users shocked by her physical transformation

On social networks, Internet users have had a field day. No, but Myriam Abel, unrecognizable! Stop surgery, it’s too much! », notes one of them when another denounces “the ravages of cosmetic surgery”. “Shocked to see her tonight, deformed by surgery. She was so naturally beautiful.” still laments a viewer.

The singer assumes her interventions: “It’s my passion! »

Far from denying having had cosmetic surgery, Myriam Abel has always played fair. Last November, the artist had even mentioned his interventions on the set of Jordan de Luxe.

“These are injections to avoid small dark circles. The lips, I made them very lightly,” she confided then before recognizing: ” this is my passion ! I like ! »

However, the singer ensured to be careful not to abuse aesthetic medicine. “I’m not addicted, because it would show. I really do it to give myself a little boost of good looks”she concluded.

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