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the summer shoe trend chosen by fashionistas

It’s a fact, with each transition to spring, boutiques are adorned with novelties, just as brands are reissuing forgotten accessories with the aim of modernizing them. In the middle of April, the month during which the saying recommends not to uncover a thread, it is nevertheless a question of freeing our toes to let them breathe fresh air, judging by the trend shoes which is about to invade the streets of style. Her name ? The wedge muleswhich certainly outdated the versions enhanced by a transparent beveled heel, as was discussed last year.

Wedge mules: the summer shoe trend that lengthens the legs

Surprisingly, it’s no surprise that we’re predicting the fanfare return of these shoes, due to the enthusiasm for the style of the 2000s, the Y2K style. The one who this season invites fashionistas to dance on their Wedge, but not like before. Now the trend leading the dance is no longer traditional, since these flatform shoes have a decidedly thin sole on the front part. A twist offering a sensual arch on the foot, as all lovers of heeled shoes expect.

How to wear the summer shoe trend?

Style lesson for lovers of this tendency in the making, who wish to take a step ahead of their trendy counterparts. To become the most fashionable spring-summer fashionista, don’t hesitate to wear these platform shoes in completely opposite ways. Head to work, let’s pair them with a trouser suit oversized worn over a blouse with loose sleeves protruding from the jacket. For a shopping session, let’s wear our heeled mules with flared jeans -flare or bootcut- to give the impression of having endless legs, then combine everything with a light cardigan.

Where to shop for wedge mules?

If these models are still a bit difficult to find since the trend is in full bloom, it is after all possible to find perfect pairs to follow suit. Present at Rouje, the Parisian label of Jeanne Damas, at Charles & Keith, Bottega Veneta, Jonak, but also Ilio Smeraldo who collaborated with the influencer Claire Rose, the wedge mules arrive at a run. Reasons enough for our Fashion Journalist to compose his score of trendy pairs to dig up before summer.

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