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the swimsuit trend to feel good about your body

Much more sensual than a bath towel and original than the legendary sarong, the swim skirt becomes the fashion imperative for summer 2022. A finding that can be explained in particular by a significant increase in +163% of Google searches for this keyword according to Stylight. Proof of this is that the reference platform was able to compare its evolution between the period from March 1, 2022 to April 20, 2022, compared to last year. And it’s a no-fault for this beach piece that wins all the votes with consumers. The reasons for this growing craze? They are multiple, and are constantly being listed, since the swim skirt check the box as well tendency that welfare and morphology.

Swim skirt and tankini: beach pieces that sink the bikini

If last May we predicted the success that the swim skirt before the summer, the bet was however risky since it is not the only trend beach wear to catch the fashionistas in its nets. And for good reason, in order to sublimate their forms, the French seem to have found the perfect compromise in beachwear covering the hips and thighs.

Facts that are confirmed thanks to this other trend beach wear which comes second: the tankinis. With +107% peak interest, the latter stands out as a variant of the bikini and consists of short triangular swimming trunks, coordinated with a waterproof tank top. In other words, this swimsuit trend consists of covering the upper body, unlike the swim skirt which marries the bottom of the silhouette. Two complementary but yet very distinct garments, since the beach skirt wins hands down. Something to delight those who wish assume the curves and their curves by betting on this alter ego of the sarong.

The swim skirt: the favorite swimsuit of summer 2022

More relaxed than beach shorts, but more modest than panties, the swim skirt convinces many women, who continue to increase its popularity on the Internet. Camouflage just right, comfortable and resolutely sexy, the swim skirt beats the bikini flat and allows you to assume your body shapes without the fuss. Most ? This beach trend saves us from constantly repositioning our swimming panties for fear that they will be put on incorrectly. Practical, trendy and accessible… What more could you ask for in beachwear?

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